DIY: Mother’s Day No-Sew Tea Towels

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and what better gift to give than handmade tea towels? These pretty towels will add a pop of color to her kitchen and—best of all—take less than 30 minutes to make, which means you’ll be able to gift all the wonderful mamas in your life (or yourself!) with a set of their own in no time.

Mother's Day Gift Idea: DIY No-Sew Tea Towels

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Makes one 25″ x 17″ tea towel
• 19″ x 27″ swatch of fabric  (We used “Paths of Kyoto” by Petra Kern for Minted)
• 19″ trim of your choice
• Scissors
Double-sided fusible tape (¼” width)
• Iron and ironing board


1. Place your fabric patterned-side down and iron out any wrinkles. Using the fusible tape, fold up all four edges ¼” and iron flat.

2. Take one corner and make a fold, towards the middle, about 1″; this should create a triangle of fabric. Use the scissors and trim off the triangle about 1/2″ from the corner tip. Repeat for all four corners.

3. Next, use the fusible tape to “hem” all four sides once more. To make perfectly crisp corners, fold each edge up, making sure the hems meet in the middle (refer to Steps 3 and 4 in the photo above).

4. Cutting out the triangle-shaped fabric in Step 2 ensures that the corners are flat and crisp, without any extra bulk.

5. Line up your trim along the bottom edge of the tea towel and cut off any excess. Use the fusible tape and iron to affix the trim to the bottom edge.

6. Your tea towel is complete!