DIY: Baby Shower Favor

By Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  Alice & Lois

When it comes to baby shower favors, we like to give little gifts with a lot of meaning, like these simple and sentimental fabric-wrapped votives. The candles are meant for guests to light once they get word mama is in labor and baby is on its way. This way, your loved ones can send their love and light to you both during delivery.

This DIY project is quick and easy to make: We paired Minted’s “Dotted Diamond” fabric with green yarn to keep the shower theme gender-neutral and modern, but you could use pink or blue ribbon to complement your party’s color scheme or the baby’s gender.

Click through for step-by-step instructions

Votive candles in candleholders
Fabric cut into 4″ x 4″ squares
• Yarn or ribbon cut into 28″ pieces
• Scissors
• Alphabet stamps
• Ink pad
• Cardstock


1. Cut fabric into 4″ x 4″ squares. Lay the square piece on top of votive.

2. Using your hand, wrap and hold the fabric evenly on top of votive.

3. Tie the yarn tightly around the top, about a half of inch from top.

4. Using the stamps (or your best penmanship), make a display sign letting guests know how to use candle when baby is on its way.

Photos: Sara Albers

  1. Rose

    I’m definitely pinning this for when my sister’s have their babies. Love how simple and easy this would be!

  2. Nisha

    love this! So personal

  3. Kimb

    Just awesome