DIY: How to Make Mini “Naked” Cakes

Spring flowers are blooming left and right, and what better way to celebrate the season than with a fun (and inexpensive!) dessert adorned in spring blooms? “Naked” (a.k.a. unfrosted) cakes are huge right now—I’ve created several variations and today, I wanted to share an easy tutorial on making miniature versions of this popular dessert. Once you’re done baking and assembling the mini cakes, decorate them with your favorite spring blossoms!

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• Your favorite cake mix (plus ingredients)
• Nonstick giant muffin pan (3.75″ diameter)
• Vanilla buttercream frosting
• Powdered sugar

• Fresh flowers
• Cake stand
• Piping bag with round piping tip
• Mini strainer/sifter
• Knife
• Shears
• Floral tape


1. Choose your favorite cake mix and bake in muffin tins according to directions. Prepare the cakes as close to the event as possible to retain freshness.

2. Once cool, slice off the top layer of each cake to form a round disk.

3. Place the first cake layer on the cake stand; using a sifter, lightly dust each cake with powdered sugar.

4. Insert the round piping tip into the pastry bag and fill with vanilla buttercream.

5. Apply firm pressure on the pastry bag to frost an even layer on top of the cake.

6. Work in a circular motion, from the outside edge to the center.

7. Carefully place a second cake layer on top of the frosting, making sure the layers are even.

8. Frost with buttercream and repeat until you have reached your desired cake height.

To decorate your mini cakes, trim the stems of the flowers to desired height and wrap the ends with floral tape. If possible, source organically grown flowers to avoid pesticides; otherwise, be sure to give your blooms a good rinse before decorating your dessert. Then, arrange the flowers and decorate as you please!

• The prettiest flowers are usually the ones closest to home—pick your favorite backyard blooms or purchase locally grown ones from the farmer’s market.
• Store flowers in water in a cool place until you’re ready to decorate.
• Avoid heavily scented flowers or anything that’s poisonous (obviously!). Consult a local florist if you’re unsure.


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  1. Gigi jones

    Just discovered all the fabulous talent & creativity-what a treat for today & for the future.

  2. Super adorable and looks easy enough for even me to give it a go 🙂

  3. Emma

    Love this. It’s something I’ve been wanting to have a go at for while but have been too scared. Thanks for making it look do-able 🙂

  4. adal

    I love to eat sweets.. I wanna try this one, however I cannot ..just because there are lots of my dogs are mouth watering. :((