DIY: Bunny Bandit Easter Mask (free printable!)

Make a simple paper bunny bandit mask this Easter for your kiddos! Be sure to hide your Easter egg candy really well because once your little spring scavengers don this mask, they’re sure to try to sneak a Peep or two.

To make these all you’ll need is

Bunny bandit mask template
• Thick colored paper (for the bunny ears)
• Black paper (for the bandit mask)
• Adhesive or stapler
• Scissors and X-Acto (for cutting out eyes; to be used by an adult)


1. Download the template, then trace and cut out the bunny ears from your colored card stock. Have an adult use an X-Acto knife to cut out the eyes.

2. Cut out the bandit mask portion out of your black paper.

3. Place bandit mask over the bunny eyes and secure both masks together either with tape, glue, or a stapler (by stapling the sides).

4. Add a strip of black card stock to the side of the mask to make it long enough to wrap around.

5. Loop the strip around the to other side of the mask and, after measuring your child’s head, secure the ends with tape, glue, or a stapler.

Now you’re ready to play bandit bunny and nab all the Easter loot you can manage to munch! Just be sure to get a few carrots in there for good measure.

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