Recreate This Room: Sunlit Bedroom

By Annie Montgomery of  MontgomeryFest

It’s magical, that time of day when sunlight pours through the windows, casting a soft glow over everything. This cozy, inviting bedroom captures it perfectly, with its open windows, rumpled bed sheets, and dark wood floors. To recreate the look in your own home, outfit your bed with soft, comfy linens juxtaposed against furniture and fixtures in wood, leather, and deep, saturated tones.

Ideas for decorating your bedroom with art

1. Emerald-green pendant light

2. “Indigold” art print by Stephanie Ryan for Minted

3. Gold throw blanket

4. Washed linen duvet covers

5. Brass task lamp

6. Washed wood dresser

7. Turkish patchwork rug

Photo (top): Derek Swalwell

  1. This looks like the most comfortable bedroom EVER. I love it and I love the links you gave to help me recreate a vibe like this for myself (esp that throw!) <3 <3 <3

  2. Amazing, love this white color and whole interior.

  3. I love number #1 – but that would be biased…

  4. Yes, that porcelain deep bowl pendant is gorgeous in this space and I, like Jesse, am biased. But it is beautiful!