DIY: Raw Crystal Necklace Display

Spring is nearly here, which means it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning and getting organized. Why not start with your jewelry? Keep your necklaces tangle-free by hanging them on this easy-to-make crystal jewelry rack.

Click through for the easy DIY instructions

Makes three necklace displays
• Three 12″ x 4″ x ¼” pieces of craft wood
• Thin paint brush
• Thick paint brush
• Gold paint
• White paint
Premium construction adhesive glue
• An assortment of raw crystals (about 18 total, depending on size)
• Non-destructive wall mounts


1. Using the thick brush, apply white paint to the surface of the three wood pieces. Next, using the thin brush, paint the edges gold; let dry completely.

2. Arrange the crystals as desired on the wood pieces; I was able to fit six rocks per plank. Try to choose crystals with a flat side, which will more easily adhere to the wood.

3. Follow the glue instructions and affix the crystals to the wood pieces; let dry completely.

4. Place your wall mounts on the back of each plank and affix them to the wall where you like. (You can also use paper and a level to plot out where you want each piece on the wall.) After you’ve mounted them, hang your necklaces and enjoy your pretty display!

Bonus: While you’re at it, take any leftover crystals and, using the same glue, affix strong button magnets to each rock to make an eye-catching refrigerator magnet!

  1. Annie

    Jessi! I love this!

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  3. Hunter

    These are beautiful! Great idea! I’m moving into a new apartment next week and am totally doing this to help decorate the space.

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  5. Erika

    So pretty and simple! Can’t wait to try this.

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  8. Kat

    Thanks so much for the idea! I’ve just finished it and can’t wait for it to dry. However, I would not recommend this glue. It dries brown and really ruins the piece. My clear and pink crystals are now brown because the glue shows through :(. The glue also shows through the sides. I was silly not to realize this once I opened the glue. I would recommend making sure the glue dries clear. I bought gorilla glue for the last board.