Wedding Invitation Challenge: Special Prize Winners

We’re excited to announce the special prize winners of our To Have and To Hold Wedding Invitation Challenge! In this challenge we asked you to show us your freshest take on the classic wedding invitation, with original designs that engaged couples can’t find anywhere else. We were beyond wowed with everyone’s take on fresh modern designs! The designs below are the best in show for our special prize categories. Congratulations, winners!

The Trifecta Award based on the strength of submissions to this challenge: Phrosné Ras
We selected one designer to receive guaranteed placement in email, catalog,
and a homepage banner to help build his or her brand on Minted.

Featuring: Amazing Watercolor” | “Gold Portrait” | “Dainty Deco” | “The Wedding Bouquet” | “Enchanting Plum

Phrosné continues to perfectly execute bold and striking designs. She is a pro at delicate layering, and soft symmetric water-colors. Phrosné’s masterpieces pop against subtle backgrounds. Her compositions are often classic and elegant, but she’s not afraid to add a splash of dramatic boldness. Phrosné says, “making things beautiful – it truly feeds my soul.” We see this throughout her entire collection. We’re so grateful to have Phrosné in our community!

Collection Award for the designer who is guaranteed at least five total picks across the challenge and other wedding challenges: Lori Wemple

 Featuring: Organic” | “Jardin” | “Floral Crown” | “Swoon” | “Monogram Floral

Lori’s submissions blew us away: she consistently crafts designs with intricate detail, striking typefaces, and well-chosen copy. Lori sprinkles subtle visual details throughout her pieces that add to the overall look without feeling crowded. She evokes a sense of fluidity throughout her work. We’re absolutely thrilled to have your work on Minted!

Enduring Elegance Award for the design that best sets the state for a sophisticated
elegant event while still being fresh and modern
Garden Flourish” by Kelly Schmidt

Garden flourish brings a clean yet rustic feel to an elegant wedding invitation. The curvilinear design and airy typeface of this piece remind us of a warm breeze on a beautiful summer day. The text below contrasts the swirls with formal block lettering and a clear, functional space for type. This design truly flourishes!

Runners Up: Gilt” by Lauren Chism | “Sabrina” by Olivia Kanaley | Elegant Marble” by Wind-Up Key Press | A Golden Date” by Susan Brown 

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Out of the box Award for the most creative and innovative take on a wedding invitation; this design best exemplifies the type of risk-taking Minted is looking for
The Modernists” by Angela Marzuki

We’re swooning over this design! This electrified style is so unique; a true example of how great things can happen when art meets paper. The bold, abstract brushstrokes in Angela’s design make this an invitation that is truly unique!  

Runners Up: Midnight and Gold” by PaperNoten | “Gallery Label” by Ashley Hegarty

Simple Modern Award for the best modern and uncluttered design
Mau Loa” by Paper Krush

We are so happy to welcome Kimberly to the Minted Community with her first win! The offset downward chevrons in Kimberly’s design are perfectly spaced: the negative space creating an upward “branch” effect, while the downward flow draws your eye to the clean copy. The soft color palette and minimalist design is so sophisticated!  We can’t wait to see more of Kimberly’s work!

Runners Up: Hex Wash” by Rebecca Bowen | “Standstone” by Olivia Kanaley | “Flora Grande” by Melanie Severin

A Nod to Neutral Award for the best gender neutral design that will appeal
to both men and woman by Shirley Lin Schneider
Glam Luxe” by Shirley Lin Schneider

This design comes together so organically! This beautifully crafted emblem will jump straight from the mailbox to the recipient’s eyes. Although, perhaps a personal courier is more appropriate, given the classic elegance of this design.

Runners Up: Halo” by Design Lotus | “Monogrammed Infinity” by Fatfatin | “Grand Affair” by Three Kisses Studio

Rustic Love Award for the best design for a fun outdoor wedding
Rustic Wooded Romance” by Pistols

Melissa has a knack for rustic charm. The nature-inspired palette has us dreaming of a summer wedding surrounded by redwoods. Her choice of typeface perfectly complements the detailed tree rings. This design is perfect for wanders, nature enthusiasts and any couple hosting a peaceful, outdoors wedding.  

Runners Up: Woodland Romance” by Hooray Creative | “With Joy” by Eric Clegg

All Dressed Up Award for the best invitation for a formal/black-tie wedding
Edison” by Roxy

Roxy has a way with polished and timeless design. Her traditional black and white color palette and layering geometric border have us reaching for our formal wear.
Roxy you’ve got an eye for elegance!

Runners Up: “Little Loops” by Ashley Hegarty | “Campaign Style” by Carolyn Nicks | “Graceful” by Jessica Williams

Lovely Letters Award for the best invitation showcasing a couple’s initials with a unique monogram
Romanced” Carolyn MacLaren

Carolyn’s diamond shape monogram puts a spotlight on the union of the couple by elegantly framing their initials. The florals create a natural appearance, rather than a forced sense of symmetry. The handwritten script gives this design a distinctly personal feel. Well done Carolyn!

Runners Up: Wedding Bouquet” by Chris Griffith | “Jardin Nocturne” by Bonjour Paper | “Waverly Florals” by Jennifer Wick | “Regal” by Oscar & Emma

The Language of Love Award for the best invitation that incorporates
dual languages on the front of the design
Endure” by Jennifer Postorino

A design that will make it’s way around the world! Jennifer’s font selection gives you the option of quickly scanning the important details or sitting back to enjoy her careful design decisions. It’s an all-around handsome piece with strong symmetries and a touch of flare.

Runners Up: “Double Knotted Happiness” by LingLove Language” by Pistols

Un-die-ing Love Award for the best use of Minted’s die-cut shapes
Striped Bow” by Sam Dubeau

Sam’s die-cut pastel background beautifully circumscribes her striped bow design. The twists and turn of the bow flare into the die-cut borders, complements the smooth,
flowing feel of this invitation.

Shine Bright Award for the design with elements that would truly shine in foil
Deco Chevron” by Katharine Watson

Katharine’s design is reminiscent of a fabulous industrial era gala. The sprocket-like copper background combined with her antique typeface selection makes for an electrifying foil-pressed design! The overall aesthetic reminds us of the steampunk themed lounge The Edison. 

Runners Up: Circled” by Rebecca Bowen | “Golden Sunset” by Carolyn Nicks |
Plunge” by Carrie O’Neal

Oldie but Goodie Award for the best vintage inspired invitation
Vintage Caslon”’ by Jennifer Wick

Fleur vintage! This invitation transports us to the Victorian era with it’s romantic arrangement of handpicked florals. Retro: check. Fabulous: check. Amazing wedding invitation: check.

Runners Up: Buchanan” by Keen PeachyHoliday Island” by Kampai Designs | “The Union” by Dana Beckwith |  | “The Whimsical Victorian” by Ariel Rutland

Only Fish In Sea Award for the best nautical or beach-themed invitation
Anchor Tattoo Love” by Kim Mesman

With minimalism in vogue, some designers find it difficult to add more than a teaspoon of flair into their work. In “Anchor Tattoo Love,” Kim packed a whole heap of expert design elements into her piece, while still making pen stroke in this design feel necessary. It’s a gorgeous, piece that evokes images of sun-baked ports, and deep blue waters.

Newbie Award for the best design from a first-time entrant
Moonshine” by Sarah Dickson

We are so excited to welcome Sarah to the Minted Community!  Moonshine strikes the perfect balance between contemporary and retro design. Sarah’s work is beautifully type driven: the script of the bride and grooms name adds the perfect hint of whimsy, and the alternating typefaces make it both vibrant and readable. We hope to see more of her work in the future!

Runner Up: Olive Branches” by Carolyn Nicks

Trendsetter Award for the best design for our most trend-forward couple
Gilt Agate” by Kaydi Bishop

Kaydi is definitely a trendsetter! The pure depth of the dreamy blue hues in this natural agate in combination with the thin layers of gold make this design both rich and deep. This design creates a beautiful composition for any modern couple, and strikes a perfect balance of elegance and nature. The pun lover in me can’t help but say – this design rocks! 

Runner Up: Abstract Jewel” by Rebecca Bowen”

Curvilinear Award for the design that puts the couple’s names or other customizable text on a curvilinear path
Formal Seal” by Kimberly Morgan

The curvilinear elements in this design result in a simple, yet elegant, traditional wedding invitation. The loopy script in the center of the invitation is balanced by script at the top and bottom of the page. This effect frames the invitation information in a stylish way, and the clean typeface leaves a lasting impression. Excellent use of a customizable curvilinear path!

Top Customer Pick for the design that is most popular with Minted’s customers
Devoted” by Oscar & Emma

Karly is a polka dot guru! It’s no wonder she won over so many customers with this sophisticated yet fun piece.The bold circular lines add a dramatic effect to classically set type. This design has such personality; it’s casual yet beautiful with a splash of whimsy. Congratulations Karly on your well-deserved success!

  1. lori

    WOW! Simply AMAZING designs!! Congrats, everyone!! 🙂

  2. I just LOVE the beautiful type and flourish designs by Kelly in “Garden Flourish.” It has the perfect balance for a rustic yet timeless design!

  3. Cecile

    Wow!!! Congrats everyone!!!

  4. becky

    Breathless! SO many amazing entries in this challenge. Everyone gets better and better every year. Congrats everyone.