DIY: Fabric Water-Bottle Sling

I love going on hikes with my dog but hate lugging a big bag or purse along just for my water and keys. So, I decided to make this water-bottle sling with Minted’s new fabric. It turned out to be a fairly easy sewing project that can be done with less than a yard of fabric—the perfect opportunity to make good use of your remnants bin or to order that fun print you’ve been eyeballing.

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• 1/4 yard of fabric (I used “Filigree” by Phrosné Ras; this DIY involves folding the fabric in half length-wise, so make sure your fabric doesn’t have a print that would look funny being upside-down)
• 1/4 yard of fabric lining (I used nylon)
• Webbing for the strap (measured to your personal length preference plus 2 inches; mine is 54 inches long)
• Scissors
• Needle and thread
• Pins
• Measuring tape
• Straight-edge ruler
• Water bottle (mine is a 24-ounce Contigo bottle)
Pocket template
• Craft glue (optional)
• Iron (optional)


1. Measure the entire water bottle by wrapping the measuring tape down the length of the bottle and back up the other side, up to the point you want the sling to cover; add 2″ to this measurement and take note. Measure the diameter of the bottom circle of your water bottle; add 3″ to this measurement and take note. These are the rectangle dimensions that will form your pattern.

2. Cut out your rectangle pattern from both your outer fabric and your liner fabric; my pattern wound up being 23″ x 6.”

3. Layer your fabric rectangles, fold them in half (with the liner facing out), and pin the edges. Take the folded edge and from one corner, measure and mark 3/4″ from each side; draw a line connecting the two marks, forming a small triangle. Snip the triangle out by cutting along the line you’ve just drawn. Repeat on the other side.

4. Remove pins and unfold, then pin again along the entire outer edge. Sew your two pieces together with a 1/2″ seam.

5. Print out the attached pocket template (or come up with your own shape!). The template is a half-pocket shape, so fold a scrap of your fabric in half and line the folded fabric edge up with the longest side of the template; trace and cut the pocket shape out. (You can also mix things up by using an entirely different fabric pattern for the pocket!) Place the patterned side face-down, the fold the edges up just a little bit (about 1/4″ to 1/2″) on all sides and iron them down. Sew the pocket’s top-edge seam, then sew the pocket onto the body of the sling about 3 inches from the top. Be sure not to accidentally sew the top edge—that’s your pocket opening!

6. Take the top edge and fold it down about 1″ so that the pattern is now showing; sew the seam then repeat on the other end. Fold the body of the bag in half (with the liner facing out), pin the edges, and sew the sides together about 1″ from the edge (be sure not the stitch the opening shut!).

7. After gently turning the bag right-side out, place your water bottle inside. You’ll notice dimpled fabric at the bottom; neatly fold into the dimple and sew a stay stitch straight through the liner, which will help keep the dimple tidy. This way, your water bottle will be able to stand upright and not topple over when it’s in its sling.

8. Take the webbing strap and dab glue along the edges to keep it from fraying; let glue dry completely. Fold the strap ends in about 1/2″ on both sides and sew them to each side of the sling, near the top.

9. Fill up your water bottle, slip it into your sling, and take a hike!



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