Recipe: Raspberry and Rose Water Ice Cream Sandwiches

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like roses and berries, and to celebrate one of my favorite holidays, I’ll be stirring up these sweet rose water and raspberry ice cream sandwiches. With a little love (and a few shortcuts!) they’re surprisingly easy to pull off…

rosewater and raspberry ice cream sandwiches by kelli hallrosewater and raspberry ice cream

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Playlist: Sweet Tunes for Your Valentine’s Day

Written by Annie Montgomery of  MontgomeryFest

Whether this weekend has you curling your hair for a fancy-pants dinner or curling up on the couch in your coziest pair of socks, you’ll need some sweet tunes to hum along to. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite romantic jams—consider it my valentine to you: the perfect soundtrack for your February 14.

Total time: 44 mins
Listen to it right here

Valentine's Day Playlist from Julep

Photo: The track list image of pretty pink peonies (above) was taken by me at the King of Belgium’s garden just outside Brussels (and since I couldn’t pick the flowers themselves, I had to settle for a different kind of pic!).


DIY: Quick and Easy Heart-Shaped Brooches

If you’re scrambling to find a simple Valentine’s Day craft that you can pull off by Saturday, then this is the project for you. These easy-to-make heart brooches are crafted from wool-blend felt, which is one of my favorite fabrics to work with since it won’t unravel when cut. Whip up a bunch of these heart brooches, then play Cupid this weekend and pass them out to all your sweeties.

DIY: Quick and Easy Heart-Shaped Brooches

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DIY: Valentine’s Day Succulent Party Favors (with printable)

By Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  alice & lois

When I throw parties, I love to come up with a favor that the guests can actually use and enjoy at home. This Valentine’s Day, we came up with a sweet idea using succulents (if you can’t find succulents at your nursery or hardware store, any flowers would do). Then, all you need is our free “Love Grows Here” printable (get it below) and you’ve got a special valentine for friends or a cute favor to send home with party guests (it’d also make a great DIY wedding favor, don’t you think?).

Click through for the step-by-step instructions


Design to Dish: Easy Chocolate Croissants

When I was a newlywed, my family went on a big trip to Paris… without me! So, I like to make up for never having been to France by eating chocolate croissants, or pain au chocolat, whenever I get the opportunity. Fortunately for my waistline, I don’t live next door to a French bakery. But I can still have chocolate croissants whenever I get a craving for them thanks to a couple of easy grocery-store shortcuts and a little bit of work.

puff pastry homemade chocolate croissants “A Little Paris Day Planner” by Sharon Rowan; Easy Chocolate Croissants (recipe below)

I love this cute Minted day planner featuring iconic Parisian sights like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. I can think of a few Francophiles in my life who would love it!

Click through for the recipe for these delightfully easy croissants!

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DIY: Cookie Valentine (with free printable!)

Valentine’s Day is just five days away and if you’re scrambling for a valentine idea that’s edible but (most importantly!) easy, then we’ve got the one for you. All you need: this free treat-bag printable (get it below) and a batch of fresh-baked cookies. Or let’s be honest, a box of Chips Ahoy.

free valentines

Click through for the download and the quick assembly instructions below

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Wedding Inspiration: 8 Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Ideas

With Valentine’s Day upon us, you may be inspired to incorporate a bit of the holiday into your February wedding. But we all know how cheesy some of the cupid-and-arrows décor can get. So I’ve rounded up eight of my favorite ideas for sprinkling some Valentine’s Day flavor into your wedding day—in a chic and elegant way, of course.

Wedding Decor

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DIY: Valentine’s Day Paper Flowers (with Smarties Candy!)

Your child’s grade school class will be coming up roses with this easy Valentine’s Day craft! All you need are Smarties candies, coffee filters, and a bit of craft masking tape and you’ll have a sweet bloom for each little friend.

Click through for the step-by-step instructions


Elements of Style: Island Escape

Escape the winter cold by hosting a destination wedding at your favorite island getaway, where the sand is sugar-fine, the cocktails are ice-cold, and summer temperatures always await.

1. SEND // this invite
Set the mood for a seaside soirée with this “Painted Sea” invitation by Laura Condouris for Minted.

2. SERVE // these drinks
During cocktail hour, have bartenders crack open fresh coconuts and serve them to guests.

3. WEAR // this wedding dress (sans shoes, of course!)
This silk-chiffon gown from J.Crew is flowy and lightweight—perfect for the beach.

4. CUT // this cake
This ocean-inspired confection by Fondant Flinger features fondant ruffles resembling waves and a sugar-sand top tier.

5. TUCK // these into welcome bags
Miniature coconut-milk-and-mango candles will make guests’ hotel rooms feel much more cozy.

6. DECORATE // with these centerpieces
Ask your florist for a mix of dahlias, orchids, and ferns in bright, tropical hues.

7. GIVE // this to your bridesmaids
They’ll adore this island-inspired perfume with notes of ginger, tuberose, and frangipani.

8. EXCHANGE VOWS // right here
Say “I do” beneath a bamboo ceremony structure decorated with chiffon and mokara orchids.

Photo credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

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DIY: Easy Classroom Valentines Ideas (With Treats!)

I love custom classroom valentines—my kids hand them out every year. Usually, I like to attach a special treat or prize to the card, which is why this year, I designed my “School of Fish” valentine with exactly this in mind. It pairs perfectly with a handful goldfish crackers or Swedish fish. Or, if your classroom doesn’t allow edibles, your kiddos can pass out dolphin temporary tattoos or fish-shaped pencils, instead.  —Jill Means

I also fell in love with the “King of the Jungle” classroom valentines by Bob Daly. My nephew Blake loves animals so they’re perfect—he’s going to pass his valentines out with a small animal toy, but you could also package them with animal crackers.

Classroom valentines (I used my “School of Fish” valentine and “King of the Jungle” by Bob Daly)
• Treats and prizes (we used Swedish fish, goldfish crackers, dolphin tattoos for “School of Fish;” animal crackers and toys for “King of the Jungle”)
• Small hole punch
• Baker’s twine
Cellophane treat bags

Fill each bag halfway with corresponding treats/toys. Punch a hole at the top of each valentine; take a length of baker’s twine and thread it through the hole and tie the bag closed. You could also use Minted’s glassine favor bags and seal them with a coordinating sticker or washi tape.

Jill Means is a designer at Minted and sometimes blogs at

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• Fill-in-the-Blank Valentine’s Day Card (free printable!)