DIY Wedding: Wine Cork Escort-Card Display

If you’re also a fellow wine lover, then there’s a conundrum we all encounter: What to do with all of the corks? If you hang on to them, like I do, then you’ll know how tough it is to find a unique way to display corks. However, re-purposing them into an escort-card display is clever way to share your love of wine with your friends and family members.

Wine Cork Decor

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Cork Board DIY


1. Gather your supplies. You’ll need: a large board (to display vertically), a few 1′ x 4′ planks (in a quality wood, unless you plan to paint/stain them), wine corks (not champagne), wood glue, clamps, escort cards, and pins.

2. Start by laying out your design. I had my 1′ x 4′ planks cut to the width of the board (they do this at no charge at your hardware store). Place those every few inches and fill in the spaces with your corks. I chose a gorgeous poplar, so I did not need to stain or paint my planks. But if you’d like to stain the wood, then do that now before assembling the display board.

3. Move from left to right, gluing down the planks to the large board and gluing the corks in place. (I used the same wood glue on the corks with no problem!)

4. Be sure to clamp the planks to the large board (wood glue expands and may shift the smaller planks). Wait about an hour for everything to dry, then remove clamps. Voila!

Wedding Escort Cards Attach your escort cards to the cork-board display with small pins.

Escort Card Display

Wine Lover Wedding Hang or prop up your board against a wall; add a few candles,
plants, and extra corks to complete the look!