Valentine’s Day Challenge: Special Prize Winners

We’re excited to announce the winners of our “Just My Type” Valentine’s Day Card Challenge! We asked the Minted Community to create fresh, out-of-the-box valentines that would make hearts go pitter-patter this Valentine’s Day. Here are the special prize winners!

Out of the (Candy) Box Award: For the most creative and innovative take on Valentine’s card
You’re A-MAZE-ING” by Adori Designs
Jennifer’s “A-MAZE-ING” pun complemented her equally amazing design capabilities. The rigid inner-lines in the maze perfectly contrast both the smooth, flowing outer edges as well as the inner heart. Jennifer’s fantastic use of contrasting textures and font-sizes make this card visually appealing, yet easy to read. It took me eight seconds to solve the maze—can you do better?

Runners Up: “So Fancy” by Bethany Anderson | “Be My Bestie Doodles” by Loree Mayer | Super Cool by Shirley Lin Schneider | “Tic-Tac-Toe XOXO” by Stacy Kron

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My Funny Valentine AwardFor the best humorous Valentine’s card
Big Nose” by Jessie Steury
Jessie hit this one on the nose! This retro 80’s-era character feels straight out of the good ol’ Sunday comics — we love a flashback! Jessie’s whimsical font selections add just the right amount of humor to make this card perfect for any class clown. PS) We’d love to borrow that rad sweater.

Runners Up: “S’more Friends Like You” by Melissa Marcarelli | “Me Hearty” by Tami Bohn |
“Fin-tastic” by Anne Holmquist | “Chocolate Pieces” by Carolyn MacLaren

Foil-Pressed AwardFor the design with elements that would truly shine in foil
XOXOXO” by Lauren Chism
Hugs and kisses all around: nothing quite says Valentine’s Day like the classic xoxo, The simplicity of the XOXO border executed in foil-pressed printing makes this design shine. Excellent work, and we loved the typeface and color selection. “Shine on Lauren, shine on!”

Bent Out of Shape AwardFor the classroom Valentine that best uses the Minted’s die cut shapes
OneSmartCookie” by Galloway Creative
A design that’s tasty enough to eat! This card is a beautiful recipe for a playful Valentine’s Day treat. We love how the script font is reminiscent of a pastry chef’s writing atop a delicious baked good.What a scrumptious design!

Runners Up:  “Colorful Love” by Oma N. Ramkhelawan | “Donuts About You” by Hooray Creative | “Sunshine” by Leah Bisch

Can’t Pick Just One AwardFor the best design featuring multiple photos
valentinegram” by Design Market
This card was an insta-hit at the office! Denise’s unique approach transforms a digital photo collage into a personal Valentine’s card. The heart emblem on the photo lens, as well as the love-oriented photo statistics remind us of how we use technology to stay closer to the ones we love. We love all the unique design flares!

Runners Up: “Lovely” by Carolyn MacLaren | “Mosaic Valentine’s” by Itsy Belle Studio

Full of Love AwardFor the most unique full bleed photo design
anything but square” by Carrie ONeal
Carrie’s design will add a bit of sparkle to any full-bleed photo card. The light diagonal gradient across the “LOVE” message adds visual interest without stealing attention from the real focal point: the picture.

Runners Up: “Type Stripe” by Lauren Chism | “Xes and Os” by Sarah Brown | “Happy Heart” by Lisa Wallace

Newbie AwardFor the best design from a first-time entrant
Flamingo Love” by Simona Cavallaro
Simona’s use of layered watercolors in this design is so fitting for these feathery flamingos .The color palette ties in beautifully with the Valentine’s theme. We’re super excited to have Simona as a new addition to the Minted community, and we can’t wait to see more of her work!

Love at First Sight AwardFor the best Valentine’s photo card that is also a birth announcement
Future Heartbreaker” by Carolyn MacLaren
We love everything about Carolyn’s “Future Heartbreaker” design. The clever sentiment, color palette, and quintessential valentines imagery perfectly integrate with her mixed typefaces to build a Valentine’s oasis. This design has every touch of warmth to welcome a newborn.

Runners Up: “Ciambellini” by chocomocacino | “In Love” by Jill Means |
“The One” by Noah and Olivia

Eyes for You AwardFor the best classroom Valentine that features a photo
Box of Candy” by Tami Bohn
Nothing says “It’s Valentine’s Day” quite like a box of heart shaped candy. This personalized card combined with a box of a classic crunchy confection, will make for a sweet Valentine’s card that is sure to be a hit in the classroom. The vibrant palette draws the viewer to the central photo while evoking an immediate desire for quirky little candies. As a candy heart would say, “YOU ROCK.”

Runners Up: “Colorblock”  by Lindsay Megahed | “I Like You A Bot” by blackberry graphics | “doodle valentine” by Erin Deegan

Love’s a Game AwardFor the best sports-themed Classroom Valentine
All-Star” by Ellis
XOXO, the classic symbol for feelings of friendship, admiration, and love, are playfully integrated into this football themed card. The vibrant red text delivers a clever, friendly message, while the surrounding gridiron makes the card as light-hearted as a backyard game of two-hand touch.

Runners Up: auto” by peetie design | “sports” by JeAnna Casper | “For Kicks” by Lauren Michelle 

Twisted Text AwardFor the design that puts a name or other text on a curvilinear path
Heart of Mine” by Chris Griffith
Chris’s “Heart of Mine” truly makes our heart pitter-patter! We love every stroke in this piece, and the blend of floral and hearts creates a chic and sophisticated, yet festive atmosphere. The hand-drawn frame that surrounds the photo adds an extra touch of elegance.

Runners Up: “one-of-a-kind” by Susan Asbill | “Love makes the world go round” by Carolyn MacLaren |“Floral Love” by Ana Sharpe

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