Playlist: Sweet Tunes for Your Valentine’s Day

Written by Annie Montgomery of  MontgomeryFest

Whether this weekend has you curling your hair for a fancy-pants dinner or curling up on the couch in your coziest pair of socks, you’ll need some sweet tunes to hum along to. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite romantic jams—consider it my valentine to you: the perfect soundtrack for your February 14.

Total time: 44 mins
Listen to it right here

Valentine's Day Playlist from Julep

Photo: The track list image of pretty pink peonies (above) was taken by me at the King of Belgium’s garden just outside Brussels (and since I couldn’t pick the flowers themselves, I had to settle for a different kind of pic!).

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    • Thanks Ashley! You’re a sweetheart – hope you have fun humming along! 😉 xxo.

  2. Dearly Departed? TWO THUMBS WAY UP. Love this playlist (and this feature)!

    • I had to – they’re still in love..I can feel it! I give YOU two thumbs way up.