DIY: Valentine’s Day Succulent Party Favors (with printable)

By Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  alice & lois

When I throw parties, I love to come up with a favor that the guests can actually use and enjoy at home. This Valentine’s Day, we came up with a sweet idea using succulents (if you can’t find succulents at your nursery or hardware store, any flowers would do). Then, all you need is our free “Love Grows Here” printable (get it below) and you’ve got a special valentine for friends or a cute favor to send home with party guests (it’d also make a great DIY wedding favor, don’t you think?).

Click through for the step-by-step instructions

• 3-inch terra cotta pots
• Small succulent plants
• Potting soil
• White acrylic paint and brush
• Thin popsicle sticks
• Tape
“Love Grows Here” printable


1. Paint pots with white acrylic craft paint (two coats should do it). Be sure to also paint the insides, about 1.5 inches past the rim. You could finish the pots with a clear varnish spray, as well.

2. After the pots are dry, add succulent potting soil (or add sand to soil). You can also add pebbles to bottom of the pot for drainage. Then pot the succulent.

3. Print the “Love Grows Here” printable and cut each square out. Using clear tape, affix each sign to a popsicle stick.

4. Stake the valentine messages into each pot and your favors are ready!

Photos: Sara Albers:

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  1. These are too cute. Love the pics!