DIY: Valentine’s Day Paper Flowers (with Smarties Candy!)

Your child’s grade school class will be coming up roses with this easy Valentine’s Day craft! All you need are Smarties candies, coffee filters, and a bit of craft masking tape and you’ll have a sweet bloom for each little friend.

Click through for the step-by-step instructions

Smarties candies
• Coffee filters
• Food color and water (if you want to add a hint of color to the flowers)
• Craft masking tape or washi tape
• Paper (for the petal)


1. Start by dipping each coffee filter into a cup of water tinted with the food-coloring hue of your choice; let dry completely.

2. Stack two filters and fold them in half; bunch and twist the bottom of the filters together to form a bloom.

3. Tape the twisted part of the flower “stem” to your roll of Smarties using craft masking tape; continue to wind the tape down.

4. Add a petal with each child’s name on it and hand out on Valentine’s Day!

I had little O as my helper on these and he was all sorts of shy about his flower for Mia. He made me promise that we would NOT give it to her. But I could tell he was equalled thrilled about the notion of actually giving it to her as he was terrified. Oh young love…

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  2. Daniela

    This is lovely. Got to try it. Thanks for posting 🙂