DIY: Easy Valentine’s Day Heart Pillow

By Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  alice & lois

We’re loving the simple-yet-modern look of black and white. And, of course, we can never resist a pop of gold! Minted’s new line of fabric includes so many gorgeous black-and-white patterns, which inspired this super simple pillow tutorial. I also had some gold fabric on hand and added a heart decal, which makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day. Best of all: This sewing project is perfect for the beginner sewer—no zippers!

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Envelope-Backed Pillow Cover / Supplies:
• Fabric (We used “Dotted Diamonds” and “Painted Oval Chain,” both by Alethea and Ruth)
• 16″ x 16″ pillow insert
• Sewing machine
• Scissors
• Thread
• Ruler
• Pen

Envelope-Backed Pillow Cover / Steps:

1. Measure the dimensions of the pillow insert. To determine the size of fabric you’ll need, measure the height of the pillow insert and add six inches. Next, measure the width of the pillow insert and add one inch for seam allowance. For instance, a 16″ x 16″ insert like mine would require a 17″ wide by 38″ high rectangle. With the pen and a ruler, draw the dimensions of the rectangle onto your fabric; cut it out.

2. Place the fabric print-side down. Double-hem both short edges of fabric: Fold each edge in 1/2 inch, press, then fold over again 1/2 inch and press. Pin the edges 1/8-inch from the inner fold.

3. Sew each edge to create finished hems.

4. Wrap the fabric around the pillow and pull it tight as you want the pillow cover to fit snugly. Pin the fabric together. Slide the pillow out (the wrong sides of fabric should be on the outside).

5. Measure and mark your seam lines; allow a half-inch on each side for the seams.

6. Sew each side according to your seam lines.

7. Turn the cover right-side out. Use a closed pair of scissors to push the corners out.

8. Insert the pillow. Continue below to make the iron-on heart decal.

Heart Decal / Supplies:
• Gold fabric
• Double-sided appliqué paper (I used Steam-A-Seam)
• Iron

Heart Decal / Steps:

1. Make a heart template (I drew mine freehand on paper first; the heart shape measured 7″ at its widest part to to 5″ in the middle). Trace the heart shape on the backside of the gold fabric (I used a gold pleather!).

2. Cut out the heart shape.

3. Place the heart onto the sticky side of the appliqué paper and them trim the paper.

4. Peel off the backside of the appliqué paper.

5. Place a clean towel or piece of fabric on top of the heart. Using a warm iron on the “cotton” setting, press for 15-20 seconds.

6. Voilà! Now you have a sweet Valentine’s Day pillow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photos: Sara Albers
Styling: Heather Rothert

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