DIY Wedding: Fresh Floral Table Runner

One of the most daunting tasks when you’re DIY-ing your wedding, in my opinion, is definitely the reception centerpieces. But if you start with a base that makes assembling foolproof, anyone can play florist for the day! There are tricks for vases (like taping the opening to create a grid or using floral foam), and for this fresh flower table runner, there is one unexpected supply that’ll make assembling a cinch. So grab your bridesmaids and test this tutorial out for your big day!

Wedding Flowers

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DIY Table Runner


1. Gather your supplies: fresh flowers and various greenery (the bushier the better!), decorative mesh ribbon, tape, and scissors. Give the flowers and greenery stems a fresh snip and place them in a bucket of water.

2. Cut your mesh ribbon a bit longer than the length of your table and about half of the width you’d like your finished runner. Using a green- or natural-colored mesh will help hide it, but if you have enough flowers and greenery to fill in the garland, you won’t see it in the end.

3. Loosely tape the mesh down the center of the table.

4. Begin at one end and start with some greenery. If your stems are large, you might have to cut a hole, slightly larger than the stem, in the mesh. Tuck the end of your stem through the mesh at least 1-2 inches.

5. Continue down the length of the table, adding flowers as needed to create a full look.

6. Once you have finished the length of the runner, go back and tuck in greenery to fill in any empty spots and to make a small tail coming off the end of each side of the table. Set the table and enjoy!

Tip: To make the runner last longer, you can purchase floral water tubes; fill them with water and insert each flower and greenery stem in a tube before inserting the tube into the mesh ribbon.

Flower Arranging


Rose Arrangement

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  1. Lisa

    Very pretty, by no water source? This would not hold up for 20 minutes without looking tired. Avoid the Queen Anne’s lace. It will wilt very quickly.

  2. Anna

    Love this idea! Not sure how long flowers can last without a water source, but it should be fine for a blog post as you don’t need them to last a day. I will try to recreate this idea for my blog.