How To: Throw a Tree-Trimming Party

I love any reason to throw a festive holiday fete… One of my favorite ways to celebrate? Inviting friends over for a tree-trimming party! It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit and have some fun decorating with your loved ones. To host a festive tree-trimming party of your own, check out my four quick tips for pulling off a perfect pine-inspired party.

prism tree trimming invite

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DIY: Colorful Paper Ornaments

By Melissa Fenlon and Sara Albers of  Alice & Lois

Looking for a merry and modern (not to mention easy!) way to decorate your Christmas tree this year? You’ve got to try these DIY paper ornaments. With Christmas only a couple weeks away, these ornaments will help you finish trimming your tree in style.

Easy paper ornaments for the holidays

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Top 10 Holiday Cookie Recipes

This holiday season, in addition to our regular Julep contributors, we’re also sharing stories from our Minted artists and designers about how they celebrate this most wonderful time of the year.

This is the time of year to break out the cookie cutters and load up on sprinkles, and I wanted to share my favorite holiday-cookie recipes with my friends and readers. For me, the best thing about baking holiday cookies is getting to spend time in the kitchen with my two daughters, who are one and three years old. My oldest daughter, especially, loves using the cookie cutters and is very meticulous with her sprinkles! And my youngest enjoys the dance parties we have in our kitchen while the cookies are baking in the oven. Its a win-win for everyone in my house. I hope you enjoy the cookie recipes!  —Kimberly

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How To Display Your Holiday Cards: Binder-Ring Flipbook

This simple-yet-genius idea comes to us from Ashley Muir Bruhn of the wonderful blog Hither & Thither. Instead of letting her just-received holiday cards pile up on counter, she corrals them together using a simple binder ring, essentially creating a friends and family flipbook. “My son Hudson loves looking through them,” says Ashley, “and it’s a nice way for me to talk to him about loved ones whom we don’t get to see often.”

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DIY: Fabric Christmas Stockings

This holiday season, dress up your fireplace mantle, banister, or walls with a one-of-a-kind fabric stocking that’s super simple to make. We made ours using Minted’s new line of fabrics, which comes in tons of different colors and patterns (in cotton and cotton-linen blends). Have each family member pick his or her favorite pattern, then fashion a handmade stocking for each to show off their style and personality. Each stocking takes less than an hour to make (even when it’s sewn by hand!).

DIY Christmas stockings made with Minted fabric (from left to right: “Into the Woods” by Olivia Raufman, “Red Flowers” by Alexandra Dzh, and “Watercolor Branches” by 2birdstone.

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Holiday Cookie Recipe: Kris Crinkles

This holiday season, in addition to our regular Julep contributors, we’re also sharing stories from our Minted artists and designers about how they celebrate this most wonderful time of the year.

Name: Ann Gardner
Where you’re based: Irving, TX
How long you’ve been with Minted: Since February 2010
Favorite thing about the holidays: People seem to be in a better mood, generally nicer, and more giving this time of the year.
On my holiday wish list this year: The past couple of years have been rough for me and my husband, so I’m going to be a bit selfish this year and wish for good health for me and our families… and world peace, of course.
This never fails to get me in the holiday spirit: Ever since I can remember, the “official” start of the holiday season was watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade—my family would wait for Santa to arrive at the end of the parade and I looked forward to it every year. It was just one of those small, simple things our family shared together during the holiday season.

I’ve loved baking for as long as I can remember (check out the photo of me and my brother (below) decorating cookies when we were kids!) In fact, I went to culinary school and studied baking and pastry arts. Although I ultimately choose a career in design, I still like to bake. And nothing compares to the smell of something baking in the oven, especially around the holidays. My recipe for Kris Crinkle Cookies is one of my favorites—it fills the house with the warm scent of spices and gingerbread. It’s an easy recipe that’s perfect for cold, wintry days (and I promise they taste as good as they look!).  —Ann

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Gift Guide: For Your Adventurous and Outdoorsy Sister

This holiday season, in addition to our regular Julep contributors, we’re also sharing stories from our Minted artists and designers about how they celebrate this most wonderful time of the year.

Name: Katie Keyworth of Katie Craig Art
Where you’re based: Dallas, TX
How long you’ve been with Minted: One year
Favorite thing about the holidays: I really enjoy the hunt for the perfect gift, whether big or small. I love the person to know I put thought and love into it!
On my holiday wish list this year: Jersey lounge pants, a garment steamer (ha!), and a Baggu monogrammed backpack (as shown above) for myself, too.
Favorite holiday tradition: Christmas Eve, hands down. Growing up, my family would have a nice, quiet dinner with my grandparents that consisted of ham, scalloped potatoes, and steamed fresh green beans with butter. The mood on Christmas Eve is so heavy with anticipation yet wonderfully peaceful, it has always stuck with me.

You know that girl who jumps out of planes (and still manages to look cute!), dyes her hair blue (and it actually looks good!), and rides her long board (with her hair knotted oh-so-stylishly in a bun!)? Yah, that’s my sister! I have yet to figure out where she gets the guts for all her adventures (as I’m quite the opposite)—she is a traveler, full of sass, and always on the forefront of utilitarian-chic style. I’ve compiled a grouping of gifts I know she’ll love; hopefully something also fits the bill for someone on your holiday gift list, too. (Note to my sister: You’re not getting all of them, xoxo!)  —Katie

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DIY: Printable Holiday Gift Tags

What type of holiday gift-wrapper are you? Someone who enjoys wrapping the present more than shopping for it? Or maybe you check the “gift wrap” option while shopping online? Or are you someone who procrastinates until Christmas Eve (with some gifts not making the cut because you’ve run out of time)? Whatever your wrapping style, these free holiday gift tags will come in handy in the next couple of weeks—print and cut out a bunch right now so you have them on hand for all your holiday gift-wrapping needs.

printable holiday gift tags

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How To: Throw the Perfect Holiday Fête in Five Steps

The holidays are in full swing and there’s no better excuse to pop some bubbly and pull together a festive gathering with your nearest and dearest. Sound complicated? Think again! Here, I’ve imagined my own very merry holiday table; follow my five simple party-hosting tips below to help you plan your own winter celebration, whatever your seasonal style…

snow dot modern holiday tabletop placesetting

modern, simple snow dot holiday table

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DIY: Modern Color-Block Ornaments

By Ashley Rose of  Sugar & Cloth

DIY colorblock ornament DIY colorblock ornament

The holidays are such a busy time of the year and, of course, not everyone can devote as much time as they’d like to making handmade holiday crafts. Which is why these DIY color-block ornaments are such a great idea—they’re so quick and easy to make, you’ll be able to finish them while the cookies are baking or in time for your in-laws’ arrival. Plus, they’re perfect for gift tags or place cards, too!

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