Kids Stationery Challenge: Special Prize Winners

It’s time we plucked kids from the world of video games, television, and computers and instilled in them a love of the lost art of letter writing. Whether it’s a note from summer camp, a “thank you” to grandma, or formal response to a denied request for a larger allowance, it turns out kids have many uses for their own stationery. We asked the Minted community to give us their freshest ideas for notecards worthy of being passed during 7th period biology and what we saw made us wish we were kids again! This challenge was one big pile of fun and the winners below each stood out in one of our special prize categories. Congrats, everyone!

For the Guys Award: For the best design specifically for a boy aged 8-12. Winner: #handcramp” by Stacey Hill Stacey’s impossibly funny take on modern teens and preteens really hits the nail on the head. Her hashtag with alternating color text is perfect for the avid texter who may not be as verbose in correspondence. The aqua hues and distinct shades of green will no doubt appeal to the boys.

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Runners Up “Top Secret” by GeekInk Design | “Turn up the Beat” by Cheer Up Press |
“Bright & Bold Bubble” by Lacie Schoch

Mind Your Manners Award: For the best design that incorporates an “Thank You” message. Winner: “Sketched Thanks” by Sarah CurryPencils and rulers and a yo-yo, oh my! Sarah’s whimsical design weaves together all the things that a school-aged child might find in their backpack to simply say “thanks.” Everyone from grandpa to the babysitter will smile when they receive this charming note of appreciation. Well done, Sarah!

Runners Up: “Back to Nature” by Melissa Archer | “Up And Away” by Bonjour Berry |
“mod stripes” by Karidy Walker | “Hand Lettered” by Kimberly FitzSimons

Little Learner Award: For the design that incorporates lines in some way to help guide a young child’s writing. Winner: “Wiggle Worm” by Up Up CreativeThe littlest writers in the family will wiggle and giggle for this cheerful worm in a soft green shade. Julie’s design features a creative spin on traditionally lined paper. Her friendly worm guides children in writing neatly while nudging their imaginative spirit.

Runners Up: “Fido” by Shirley Lin Schneider | “write on me” by chocomocacino |
“My pretty garden” by Phrosne Ras

Great Shape Award: For the best design using one of Minted’s unique die-cut shapes.
Winner: “Roaring” by Jessie SteuryJessie’s playful use of a unique shape to create her roaringly awesome lion stationery is certainly a stand out. Animal lovers will look forward to writing on these as often as a lion roars. “Roaring” will rule over all in the animal stationery kingdom as a staple in many a kid’s collection.

Runners Up “Eyelet Edging” by Laura Hankins | “Outer Space” by Oma. N. Ramkhelawan |
“Whale Tale” by Noah and Olivia | “Little Sheep in the Happy Farm” by iamtanya

Batters Up Award: For the best sports-themed design. Winner:  “Tee Time” By Iron Range ArteryAny teen who writes a note on “Tee Time” will be dreaming of yelling “Fore!” shortly after. Holly’s gorgeous use of color in this card captures the texture of the putting-green so well you can almost smell the grass. Her simple outline and polished font, tie the stationery together for a hole in one.

Runners Up “Retro Sporty Hello” by Casey Fritz | “Slap Stick” by 24th and Dune |
“Skater” by Bonjour Berry | “Schematic” by Ellis

Technically Speaking Award: For the best science and technology-themed design. Winner: “Little Scientist” by iamtanyaorEvery future scientist needs a space to write about their latest discovery, or thank Auntie for the birthday telescope. Tanya’s cream-colored, lined beaker, frenzied outline details and little experiment bottles are a vibrant take of the workings of a scientist-in-training. Bravo, Tanya for reminding us that curiosity for the natural world starts young!

Runners Up “Greetings From Earth” by Robin L. Andrews | “Microscope” by Stacey Hill

Teen Spirit Award: For the perfect design for an older boy or girl aged 12-16.
Winner: “Vibrant” by Lori WempleCould Lori have named this design more perfectly? We think not. With its indigo, fuschia, and burnt orange color-pops and bold artistic abstraction, vibrant is a good place to start describing this lovely design. What free-spirited teen or pre-teen wouldn’t love expressing herself on this luxurious page?

Runners Up “Varsity Vintage” by Robin L. Andrews | “Block of Color” by August and Oak |
“Line it up” by Oscar & Emma | “Thank You Outlines” by Alethea and Ruth

Text with a Twist Award: For the best design that puts a name on a curvilinear.
Winner: “Curious Cat” by S. N. WalkerS. N.’s vividly realized “Curious Cat” is a fanciful treat for a young cat lover. This little kitty looks on as the pen hits the paper. The twist of the name, wrapping around this kitt’s tail only adds to its charm. The glossy details in kitty’s eyes also warm the heart while the muted colors lay the stage for whatever will fill this page.

Runners Up “Message in a Bottle” by Danielle Hartgers | “Super Imagination Girl” by Grace Kreinbrink  | “Mister Hipster” by Carolyn MacLaren | “Exploring Ideas” by Joanne Williams

Newbie Award: For the best design from a first-time entrant:  “book worm social stationery” by Alyssa Nassner and “Bubbling with Gratitude” by Splendid Supply Co.Maybe this award should be called “We couldn’t pick just one” because, well, we couldn’t pick just one! We adored Alyssa’s throwback to old-school elementary days. Her sweet bookworm saying “thanks” is near and dear to the child in us all. Maddy’s bubbling beakers, bold use of neon green, and shadow-effect lettering is a surefire crowd-pleaser. We give both these newbies an A+ for effort!

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