DIY: Colorful Confetti Ornaments

Had your fill of holiday crafts yet? If not, here’s a simple ornament project that will bring a little party to your tree. It is a birthday we’re celebrating after all.

how to make christmas ornaments

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• Clear plastic or glass ornaments
• Tissue paper
• Circle punch
• Spray adhesive

confetti ornaments


1. Use your circle punch to cut out confetti from the tissue paper. The secret to punching through tissue paper without everything getting stuck is to layer multiple sheets before punching.

2. Fill the ornament with confetti.

3. Lightly spray the adhesive into the ornament through the opening, aiming towards the sides. (Initially, I tried spraying the adhesive first, before adding the confetti, but this method worked better.)

4. Give the ornament a little shake so some of the confetti sticks to the adhesive. Spray more if needed.

diy ornaments

Photos: Jennifer Little

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