DIY: Gold Holiday Laurel Leaf

‘Tis the season to dress up your front door or mantel with something merry and festive. But instead of a traditional fir wreath, make this elegant, gilded laurel using foraged leaves and spray paint—it’s an easy DIY project and is guaranteed to make your front door stand out.

DIY Gold Holiday Wreath with Fresh Leaves

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• Foraged fresh leaves
Gold spray paint
• Gold aluminum florist wire (12-gauge)
• Green florist paddle wire (22-gauge)
• Wire cutters
• Fishing line


1. Using spray paint, completely cover each leaf with gold paint. Be sure to do this in a well-ventilated area and follow all safety instructions. Let dry completely.

2. Unravel the spool of 12-gauge wire; twist one end to form a loop (for hanging). Trim the wire to your desired length (mine was about 50" long to form a 16"-diameter laurel), then twist the end to form another loop; this will serve as the laurel’s base. I wound up doubling-up and using two equal lengths of wire to form a sturdier base.

3. Take three or four painted leaves and fan them out; use the green paddle wire to tightly wrap the stems together, leaving enough floral wire at the ends. Make about a dozen leaf bundles.

4. Take one bundle and attach it to the top of the base (near the hanging loop) by wrapping the wire ends. Be sure the hanging loop is positioned at the top and that the stems are facing down.

5. Continue to work downwards, attaching leaf bundles to the base, until you reach the center of the base. Then, beginning at the other hanging loop, continue to attach leaf bundles, working your way down until the leaves meet at the center of the laurel. Once all the leaves are attached, carefully bend the wire to create a round shape. Thread a length of fishing line through the two loops and knot to hang.

Photos: Olivia Kanaley

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