Easy Christmas-Brunch Cocktail: Blood Orange “Pomosas”

What’s the last thing I want to do on Christmas morning? Cook up a complicated brunch for our family drop-ins. My solution: easy bites that everyone can help themselves to, along with a make-ahead fizzy drink with bright flavors to perk up even the Grinchiest of holiday-morning moods. This simple riff on a mimosa recipe (a pomosa, to be exact) is made with vibrant-red pomegranate juice and a hint of green in the form of a thyme garnish. It’s the perfect apéritif for Christmas morning.

Blood orange and pomegranate sparkler for holiday brunch

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Blood Orange Pomosa
• One 24.5-ounce bottle of blood-orange juice or Italian soda
• One 24.5-ounce bottle of pomegranate juice or Italian soda
• 2 bottles sparkling wine, like champagne or prosecco
• 1 small bunch of thyme
• 2–3 blood oranges or regular oranges

1. Mix the blood-orange juice and pomegranate juice in a pitcher. This can be done up to 24 hours ahead of time.
2. To serve, lightly crush a couple sprigs of thyme and drop them in the pitcher. Place the pitcher on a self-serve area alongside a chilled bottle of prosecco (or your bubbly of choice). Invite guests to mix their own drinks by filling of their glass with the juice mixture and topping off with bubbly.
3. Garnish with a sprig of thyme for a festive look or an orange slice to enhance the citrusy notes in the drink.

• The Italian sodas by Whole Foods are my favorite—so delicious!
• If you premix this drink using the Italian sodas, they’ll lose some fizz overnight. Not to fret! A splash of bubbly re-infuses any of the soda’s lost effervescence.
• Skip the fancy champagne and opt for a more affordable bottle, instead. The sugar in the juices will overwhelm any of the subtleties in your sparkling wine.
• Choose the most dry version of bubbly you can find. The sweetness of the blood orange and pomegranate pairs best with a crisp, dry selection.

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