DIY: Printable Family-Trivia Game

This holiday season, in addition to our regular Julep contributors, we’re also sharing stories from our Minted artists and designers about how they celebrate this most wonderful time of the year.

Name: Kim Dietrich Elam
Where you’re based: Cincinnati, OH
How long you’ve been with Minted: Since 2011
Favorite thing about the holidays: Spending time with family

My dad’s side of our family is rather large—he’s one of ten children!—which means the stories shared at family gatherings are both too numerous to count and too entertaining not to recount. There’s an endless supply of trivia, and since there are so many family members, it’s pretty much guaranteed that no one knows all the answers. Some fun family facts I’ve recently learned: In 1971, my Uncle Jay defeated my dad and his seven brothers at ping pong. My grandmother, Anna Louise, always displayed her nativity set in the fireplace every Christmas. My Uncle Bobby caught the sailfish that hung in my grandparents’ basement.

One year, to preserve all of our family’s wonderful stories, I made little tins for everyone that contained cards printed with family-trivia questions, with the answers on the back. They were a big hit and made such a wonderful family keepsake, and I thought they might make a lovely little tradition in your family, too.  —Kim

Click through for the step-by-step instructions

• Rectangular tin boxes (2.75″ x 3.75″ x 0.75″ in silver or black)
• White card stock and adhesive glue
• Or: Avery White Adhesive Name Badges 8395 (2 ⅓” x 3 ⅜”) plus Avery Name Badge Insert Refills 5390 (2 ¼” x 3 ½”)
Tin Box Label printable
Family Trivia Questions printable
Family Trivia Answers printable 

1. Decide if you want to print your cards and labels on card stock, cut them out, and glue the labels to the lid of the tin box. Alternatively, you could purchase the adhesive name badges to affix to the lids and the name-badge inserts to use as the question cards. The printable files are set up so that you can use either options, or a combination of the two. I went the easy route and used the Avery products–no cutting!

2. Next, decide if you’d like to write your family name on the label by hand, as well as your questions on the front and answers on the back of the cards, or if you would rather type out the text. The PDF files are designed to be editable, with fields to type your questions, answers, and family name. I think it’s a nice, personal touch to handwrite your family name on each label, but then type out the questions and answers to save time (and avoid hand cramps!).

3. If you’re hand-writing everything, download and print the templates (links above) onto card stock, then cut the cards using the trim marks. Since these cards are double-sided, you’ll need to feed the paper into your printer so that the questions and corresponding answers print on the same card. For an extra touch, you could use a corner-rounding punch on the trivia cards. Lastly, glue the label to the lid of each tin.

4. If you decide to type everything out, download each template (links above) and type out your questions and corresponding answers (the PDF is editable). These cards are double-sided, so be sure to type each question and its corresponding answer in the correct boxes; then, you’ll need to feed the paper into your printer so the questions and corresponding answers print on the same card. Lastly, glue the label to the lid of each tin.

• Each tin box can hold up to 50 cards but 80 are provided in the template—you could make two different sets of 40 questions, so some family members have questions 1-40 and others 41-80.

Suggested question topics:
• Full names of family members and ancestors, family nicknames
• Wedding dates, birthdays (for example, in which month does our family have the most birthdays?)
• Occupations and hobbies of family members and ancestors
• Family traditions (for weddings, holidays, etc.)
• Childhood exploits (broken bones, school plays, pranks, etc.)

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