DIY: Glowing Star Garland with LED Lights

We had some much fun getting festive and making this super-simple star garland using a strand of LED lights. It’s been so magical seeing them glow! To make this glowing garland, you will need…

Click through for the step-by-step instructions

• One strand of battery-operated LED micro rice lights
• Perler beeds (or another type of small bead)
• White card stock
• Scissors
• Small hole punch (or something else to puncture a small hole)

1. Start by cutting out several stars shapes from your white card stock.
2. Punch a small hole through the center of each star
3. Unravel your strand of LED micro lights and string one star onto the strand, pushing it all the way to the end of the strand.
4. Begin stringing your beads onto the strand. Push them all the way to your first star and stop at the first light.
5. Place your next star onto your strand and push it up to the next LED light.
6. Continue this process (steps 4 and 5) until the entire strand of LED lights is filled with stars and beads (be sure to place each star where the light is so that it glows). Knot off the back side of the remaining wire at the end.
7. Your glowing and colorful strand of stars in now complete! Have fun hanging it around the house or on a tree!

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