The Perfect Cocktail Party Playlist

If you’re hosting a holiday soirée this weekend but aren’t sure what tunes to cue up, look no further. I’ve compiled the perfect party playlist for those in need of fresh, mingle-ready melodies.

Selecting music is one of the most fun steps when you’re hosting a party—I usually try to pick a mix of songs that are upbeat and festive, but aren’t overly recognizable and distracting. This playlist includes mix of musical genres, and all songs are guaranteed to induce head-bobbing and mingling. Just remember to set the volume at a moderate level—conversation comes first, so keep it low enough to talk easily, yet robust enough to give your gathering a vibrant energy. Print the track list below in case any inquiring minds want to know; you could also give the playlist to guests as a take-home party favor. Enjoy!

Listen to Brandy’s Perfect Cocktail-Party Playlist right here (total listening time: 1hr 10min).

Photo: Cover image via The Simply Luxurious Life

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  1. Laura Condouris

    Brandy, your musical taste is as good as your visual taste! I see a couple of my favorites on that list (Blonde Redhead, Ratatat)- I’m off to listen to the rest and get familiar with some new artists. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, Laura! Happy Holidays!

  3. I love this brandy! I’ll definitely use this!