DIY: Fabric Christmas Stockings

This holiday season, dress up your fireplace mantle, banister, or walls with a one-of-a-kind fabric stocking that’s super simple to make. We made ours using Minted’s new line of fabrics, which comes in tons of different colors and patterns (in cotton and cotton-linen blends). Have each family member pick his or her favorite pattern, then fashion a handmade stocking for each to show off their style and personality. Each stocking takes less than an hour to make (even when it’s sewn by hand!).

DIY Christmas stockings made with Minted fabric (from left to right: “Into the Woods” by Olivia Raufman, “Red Flowers” by Alexandra Dzh, and “Watercolor Branches” by 2birdstone.

Click through for the easy DIY instructions

• 1/2 yard of fabric
• 1/4 yard of faux fur
• Scissors
• Sewing needle
• Thread
• Pins
• Marker
• Tape
Christmas stocking template 


1. Print, tape, and cut out the provided Christmas stocking template. (Note: The template is large and will require three sheets of paper for printing.) Trace and cut out one stocking shape onto the fabric with the patterned side facing up. Next, take another swatch of the same fabric and place the patterned side face down, then trace and cut out a second stocking shape.

2. Turn the pieces face-to-face with the pattern facing inward, then pin the edges together. Sew around the shape, either by hand or with a machine, starting at one of the top corners, then stitching down and around the stocking and back up to the other corner (be sure not to sew the straight edge on top!). The seam should be between 1/4- and 1/2-inch from the edge; use the inner line printed on the stocking template as a guide. Knot off your stitch at the end and turn the stocking right-side out.

3. For some flair, add fur trimming to the top of the stocking: Take the piece of fur (mine measured 9.25” x 14.25”) and fold it in half, length-wise. Pin the folded piece of fur to the top edge of the stocking, overlapping the fabric by about one inch (be sure to place folded edge of the fur on top). Stitch the fur trim in place. For a wider or thinner fur trim, change the 9.25” measurement accordingly.

4. Add a loop for hanging—you can use another piece of fur trim, like I did, or your favorite ribbon or felt. Cut a piece measuring 6” x 1,” make a loop, then stitch the ends in place along the back, inside edge of the fur trim.

Personalize your stocking even more by adding their name with paint, ribbon, or stitching.

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