How To Display Your Holiday Cards: Paint-Stirrer Mobile

It’s that time of the year again, when you start to receive holiday cards in the mail and struggle to not let them pile up on the kitchen counter. This DIY holiday-card display is cleverly made with paint stirrers that you can pick up at any hardware store. (Thanks, Dad, for always making me tag along on your trips to Home Depot—those skills definitely came in handy for this one!) It’s a festive and modern way to show off your beautiful holiday cards so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

DIY paint stirrer holiday card mobile

DIY paint stirrer holiday card mobile

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DIY paint stirrer holiday card mobile

• 11 wooden paint stirrers
• Embroidery hoop
• Spray paint in the colors of your choice
• Drill and small drill bit
• Clear fishing wire
• Twine
• Key ring or metal loop
• Scissors
• Mini wooden clothespins

DIY paint stirrer holiday card mobile


1. Drill a hole at the top of each paint stirrer with a small drill bit, leaving just enough room to thread fishing line through the hole.

2. Spray paint the sticks and embroidery hoop in the colors of your choice; let dry completely.

3. Attach each painted stir stick to the embroidery hoop with fishing wire at varying heights and spacing; be sure to loop the fishing wire around the embroidery hoop several times before knotting and trimming the ends so that the paint stirrer stays in place.

4. Take three equal lengths of twine and knot them to the embroidery hoop in a triangle formation (be sure they are evenly spaced).

5. Knot the other ends to the key ring loop, which you will use to hang the mobile (you may need to use another piece of twine or wire to hang the finished mobile from your anchor point).

6. Clip your holiday cards to the stirrers with mini wooden clothespins.

DIY paint stirrer holiday card mobile

DIY paint stirrer holiday card mobile

Photos: Jared Smith

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