DIY: Three Easy Holiday Gift-Wrapping Ideas

gift topper ideas
Here’s the thing: I’m not so great at wrapping presents. Those pesky corners never lay flat for me and for the life of me, I cannot tie the perfect bow. So, out of necessity, I make sure to add some flair to my simply wrapped gifts. Here are my three favorite ways to easily turn a so-so wrapping job into something much, much better.

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how to wrap a present

1. The Snow Globe
Dab a small amount of glue to the bottom of a mini bottle brush tree and place on top of the wrapped gift. Next, add some snow made by punching holes from white paper. Top your little scene with half of a plastic ball ornament.

gift topper ideas

2. The Skier
Glue a mini skier on top of the wrapped gift. Add ski tracks with a piece of striped washi tape.

holiday gift wrap ideas

3. Handwritten
Fill a sheet of white paper with handwritten lyrics from your favorite Christmas song. Wrap your gift with the paper and tape on an ornament.

Photos: Jennifer Little

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