My Thanksgiving Table: Lynn Knipe

This holiday season, in addition to our regular Julep contributors, we’re also sharing stories from our Minted artists and designers about how they celebrate this most wonderful time of the year.

Name: Lynn Knipe of Griffinbell Paper Co.
Where you’re based: Encinitas, CA
How long you’ve been with Minted: 4 years
My favorite thing about the holidays is… the festive get-togethers with friends and family.
This year, I’m thankful for… my family—my husband, our two kids, four cats, and one dog.
Stuffing—love it or loathe it? Stuffing is my favorite Thanksgiving dish—I even have it for breakfast the following morning!
Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving unless… I make one healthy, low-fat side dish that no one eats!

Here’s a little glimpse into my Southern California home and kitchen (a.k.a. Thanksgiving central!) and what I’ve got cooked up for the holiday this year.  —Lynn

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1. I love anything with champagne, it’s the most festive thing to drink. This pretty cocktail combines champagne with passion-fruit nectar and caught my eye with its gorgeous fall colors.

2. Here’s a peek into what will be the center of Thanksgiving activity in our home—the kitchen.

3. Being able to venture into textile design with Minted this year has been such a thrill. This year, I’ll be making handmade tea towels using my “Under the Sea” fabric to give as gifts.

4. This cookbook (Bountiful by Todd Porter and Diane Cu) is my new favorite; my husband gave it to me for our 25th wedding anniversary. I recently made the tomato galette, featured on the cover, for my book club girlfriends—it was a huge hit so I’m going to make it again for Thanksgiving to serve as an appetizer.

5. The “Rustic Harvest” menu I designed for Minted will set an elegant-yet-casual tone.

6. This carrot-ginger soup recipe from Bon Appétit is my go-to—it’s to die for!

7. When we host parties, I set up a cocktail bar on my kitchen bookshelf. Above, there’s a gallery wall featuring family photos, my kids’ art, and my Minted “Morning Song” art print.

8. My neighbor passed along this stuffing recipe with butternut squash and Brussels sprouts to me last year. The roasted veggies and cranberries make it really special.

Happy Thanksgiving from Lynn Knipe at Griffinbell Paper Co.!



  1. Kim Dietrich Elam

    Great post, Lynn! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. kate

    What a neat glimpse into your family holiday! Your kitchen is AMAZING! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. lori

    Everything sounds yummy + fabulous, Lynn!! Have a happy + blessed Thanksgiving!! 🙂

  4. tina overland

    I love the “glimpse” into your home and kitchen, such beautiful photos and yummy recipes!