DIY Wedding: Personalized Keychain Favors (With Tassels!)

By Lauren Saylor of  A Fabulous Fete

Wedding place card

If you’re getting married sometime soon, you may be experiencing a bit of Pinterest fatigue. There are so many great wedding ideas out there, but it can be difficult to come up with something unique to share with your guests. My solution is always to think of something you love and then personalize it! Adding each guest’s name or even a meaningful quote is the kind of personal touch that will keep them talking your wedding long after it’s over.

For this DIY wedding favor, I decided to make personalized keychains inspired by vintage hotel room keys. You know the ones with large metal discs stamped with the room number and perhaps an added tassel? Here’s how to create your own that are personalized with your guests’ names.

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DIY place card

• Mini tassels (found in the upholstery section of your local craft store)
• Keychain rings
• Jump rings
• Thin metal plates with holes (found in the jewelry section)
• Metal stamping kit (found in the jewelry section)
• Hammer

Keychain DIY


1. Use your stamping kit to spell out the names of your guests. A few tips:
-Save time by using their first name and last initial.
-Make sure to buy extra plates to practice on beforehand (it’ll take a few tries to get the spacing just right).
-I found the darker-colored and thinner bronze plates easier to work with than the light-colored and thicker gold plates.
-Work on a brick or concrete surface (you don’t want to damage your kitchen table!) and cover the surface with a towel.

2. Connect the metal tag to the keychain ring using a jump ring.

3. Loop a tassel through the keychain ring and let it dangle next to the tag.

Tassel keychains

And repeat! Customize the tassel colors to match your wedding colors, and if you want to use them as escort cards (you’ll need to stamp each guest’s table number, as well), create an eye-catching display by hanging all of the keychains on an oversize board in alphabetical order. Alternatively, you can use them as place cards and arrange them on each guest’s dinner napkin.

Napkin ring

Tassel wedding decor

Wedding favors

  1. Sheena B.

    This is a great idea!!

  2. I love this idea! I’m going to have to try it this weekend!