DIY: Pringle Can Pilgrims

For a fun and whimsical way to decorate for Thanksgiving, make this adorable pair of Pilgrims from a couple of cans of Pringles!

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• Two empty cans of Pringles (or any other cylindrical tube)
• Felt (for the hair)
• Fabric swatches (for the clothing)
• Paper (for wrapping the tube and for the male Pilgrim’s hat)
• Ribbon (for the bonnet strings)
• Hot glue

1. Start by wrapping the top half of the can with paper. For the girl Pilgrim, we turned the can upside down so that it could be used as a puppet of sorts. The boy is right-side up so he can be filled with snacks or treats at the Thanksgiving table. Just pick which way you want yours to be!

2. Draw two eyes and add a touch of blush for the cheeks. Cut out pieces from felt for the hair and glue them onto the can.

3. For the girl Pilgrim’s bonnet, cut out a half circle of fabric as well as a strip of fabric that fits nicely over the top of the can. Fold over one side of the strip for the bonnet’s cuff.

4. Glue (or stitch) the strip of the bonnet to the back half circle. Don’t be afraid of pleats or a bit of bunching as that adds to the look. Glue or stitch on a couple of ribbons to the ends of the bonnet.

5. Drape a scrap piece of fabric around the bottom two-thirds of the can. For the girl, feel free to add a bit of pleating to create a flowing dress. For the male Pilgrim wrap the fabric tightly around and then add a Pilgrim-style rounded collar.

Feel free to have fun and add or change details as you like! We made the hat for the boy Pilgrim out of paper and placed it on top of the can—we’re planning to fill the can with treats and display it on our Thanksgiving table.

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