Day Planner, Notebook, and Address Book Challenge: Special Prize Winners

We’re big believers that it never hurts to have a notebook handy for your to-do lists, notes-to-self, and, of course, those brilliant ah-ha! moments. When we asked our Minted community of designers to show us their visions for new notebook designs, we wanted them to create something worthy of being carted around through life’s everyday moments. The results were more lovely than we could have imagined! From fanciful color palettes to refined fonts and typefaces, there’s truly something for everyone. The winners of the One For the Books! Day Planner, Notebook, and Address Book Challenge listed below each stood out in one of our special prize categories. Congratulations!

Perfect Pic Award for the best design that incorporates one photo in a minimalist or full-bleed design: “Tabbed Monogram” by Teresa Lang

Proving once and for all that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, Teresa’s “Tabbed Monogram” is a gorgeous use of one large photo to showcase an elegant monogram. The distinct outline draws the eye into the photo, while the typographic colorblock adds a bold focal point.

Runners Up: “Banner Block” by Laura Bolter Design | “Watercolor Nameplate” by Hooray Creative

Perfect Gift for Him Award for the design that you could most easily see giving your dad, your husband, or another guy in your life: “Black Watch Emblem” by Jennifer Wick

Jennifer’s distinguished crest with a classic customizable name insignia is sure to be a hit with the gentlemen in your life. The dark and majestic plaid serves as a perfectly poised backdrop to neatly placed crest detail. The boys will love this regal gift!

Runners Up: “Nameplate” by Shari Margolin | “Simply Blue” by Shirley Lin Schneider

Out of the Box Award for the freshest, most original design you wouldn’t find anywhere other than Minted: “Bird Rock” by sue prue

“Bird Rock” isn’t just outside the box, it’s outside the beach! This artistic abstract of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach is as colorful as it is interesting. Sue’s distressed cloud puff and rainbow rock bring the ocean to life, while the vague smile created by the rocks will warm your heart.

Runners Up: “App For That” by Elizabeth Victoria Designs | “Color Dance” by jenna elise | “Abstract Watercolors” by Erika Firm| “Explosions of Color” by Ana de Sousa

Great Type Award for the best bold, simple design relying or type: “Bold Statement” by Sandra Picco Design

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration. Sandy’s reminder to “Be Bold” is a notebook version of a cup of coffee. It’s bold, rich, and quite the jumpstart to your day. The brush-stroked handwriting in an lovely, inky black set on top of the stark white backdrop is a literal interpretation of the meaning it suggests.

Runners Up: “This Year Shall Be Awesome” by The Detroit Card Co. | “Hand Lettered Great Ideas” by Makewells | “Brilliant” by Kelly Ventura

Can’t Pick Just One Award for the best multi-photo design: “Pattern Mix” by Oodles of Color

Sometimes three is better than one! “Pattern Mix” simply shines as a way to showcase three custom photos surrounded by compelling patterns and a charming nautical color palette. Michelle’s white border traces the creative mix of patterns and arrows, helping each section stand out. The distinctly preppy monogram and year feature only adds to the personal appeal of the custom photos.

Words of Wisdom Award for the best design featuring an inspiring, funny, or apt quotation or phrase: “Small Beginnings” by katrina gem

This rustic chalkboard style hand-lettered quote will inspire and delight. Beautiful words speak volumes and this notebook certainly proves that! Katrina’s elegant handwriting will be forever emblazoned in our hearts and minds as we strive to turn our humble beginnings into the greatness reflected in this decadent lettering. Well done, Katrina!

Runners Up: “Bright Dreams” by merry mack creative | “Small Things” by Yvette Slaney | “Full Bloom” by Grace Kreinbrink | “Teach from the Heart” by Jessie Steury

Big Name Award for the best design featuring a large customizable name: “Botanica” by That Girl Press

The colorful florals inching their way up this gorgeous notebook reflect the beautiful ideas springing forth from your mind, inching their way on the pages. The vibrant blooms surrounding the large type will frame anyone’s name in an earthy beauty. Anita has managed to wow us yet again with another winning design.

Runners Up: “florabelle” by Carol Fazio | “Scripted Name” by Lehan Veenker | “Triangular” by Hooray Creative | “delicate dots” by Rebecca Bowen

The Lovely Cover Award for the best design that is feminine and beautiful: “Watercolor Wash Floral no.2” by Alethea and Ruth

Your grandmother’s patterned china has nothing on this gorgeous notebook from Rachel Nanfelt of Alethea and Ruth. We’re smitten with the use of watercolors in muted China-blue hues in these darling hand-drawn florals. The character and charm of this feminine design cannot be mistaken. This very special design will have a unique place in the heart of whoever it is bestowed upon.

Runners Up: “In My Heart” by Stephanie Ryan | “Paths of Kyoto” by Petra Kern | “Ombre Sky” by Carolyn MacLaren  | “My Pretty journal” by Phrosné Ras

The Schoolboy Award for the design that is perfect for a grade-school boy: “etchy sketchy” by blackberry graphics

Can anything compare to the daydreams and imagination of kids? We think not. “etchy sketchy” is a whimsical interpretation of schoolboy daydreams. Robots, spaceships and pizza… oh my! What kid wouldn’t think this playful journal is cool? Jennifer’s simple sketches fill every inch of space creating a fun pattern of joyful things. The cement grey color backdrop lends to the fun, boyish feel and the nameplate pencil is a perfect way to tie the schoolboy theme together.

Runners Up: “Plus Positive Pattern” by Erika Firm | “Little Book, Big Idea” by Sandra Picco Design | “Sea Life Blue” by Amiee Sue Malott  | “A little adventure” by Stylist

The Schoolgirl Award for the best design for a grade-school girl: “Paints and Pencils” by Wind-Up Key Press

Creativity and art are at the forefront of this thoughtfully designed journal. Liz’s lovely design, dedicated to artistic creation, is sure to be a winner with young girls. The pops of color spilling out of the black and white page come to life through the pattern of art tools sketched out in an array of shapes and sizes. Surely some ideas as bright as these colors will pop forth on these pages!

Runners Up: “Watercolor Chevron” by Lindsay Megahed | “Blooms” by Kimberly FitzSimons | “furry notes” by Fiona Ferreira B. | “Woodland Botanicals” by Itsy Belle Studio

Curvilinear Award for the best design that puts a name on a curvilinear path: “Audacious Annotations” by Chris Griffith

“C’est magnifique!” is certainly one way to describe this fantastical design brought to us by Chris Griffith. The juxtaposition of the distressed texture against the delicate florals and pastel color background creates a perfectly interesting dissonance. We could stare at this marvelously appealing design for hours! Bravo, Chris!

Runners Up: “Doodled Graffiti” by Ann Gardner | “herringbone hatch” by blackberry graphics | “Black Bear” by Genna Cowsert

Newbie Award for the best design from a first-time entrant: “Camping 101” by Lauren Rodelo

A love of nature fostered at a young age will grow and grow! This adorably detailed design will have every little nature lover ready to explore the great outdoors. The time and attention Lauren put into this design cannot be mistaken. Each item lends a pop of color to the modest, beige background. The canoe simply pops up out of the page! We can’t wait to go on an adventure with this notebook tucked in our backpack.

Runners Up: “Amanda” by Simi Gauba | “It All Starts with a Sketch” by Aimee Guzman | “Geo Fox Is Your Friend” by Tracy Mattocks | “Watercolor Sunset” by Nicole Rim