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As the winter months approach, I feel more and more like going into hibernation mode. Preferably curling up in one of these spaces—they’re cozy and intimate, and done in perfectly soothing shades of gray to keep you warm all season long. They don’t feel quaint or old fashioned, though, instead they feel modern and sleek, like your favorite cashmere sweater. Like this image above —a beautifully classic egg chair paired with wonderful Scandinavian materials and textures. I could sit here by the fire and watch the snow fall for hours.

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This a classic Eichler home in Northern California with all the right vintage touches that make mid-century style modern, but the sheepskin throw and pillow soften things up, helping the room strike a perfect balance.

What a lovely pale gray room, with hints of pink, and a wonderful Moroccan rug to warm up the cool colors. The sofa is decked out with a Moroccan pouf and lots of comfy pillows and throws. A perfect place to curl up and read on a cold winter day.

Whomever designed this lovely room has put some creative storage solutions to work for stashing firewood all winter long—the split logs have a sculptural quality stacked in the alcove like so, but they are still easily accessible, too. And I love the contrast of the sheepskin thrown over the mid-century modern butterfly chair.

This is a thoroughly modern fireplace and though the marble-topped coffee table could potentially feel a bit cold and sterile, when paired with a fuzzy flokati rug, it becomes a really warm and inviting space to relax in.

I love this idea for stashing firewood, too. Stored underneath an antique farm table, it’s totally functional but, at the same time, looks more like a rustic backdrop or accessory for the room, rather than something utilitarian. I love the oversized ottoman and throw, too.

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