Maker Nights: Inspiration Boards at the Goat Farm

We held our inaugural Maker Night last Thursday night at our new studio space at the Goat Farm in Atlanta. We were so excited to kick off this fun series with the goal of bringing together creative types and members of our design community for an evening of inspiration, collaboration, and merriment.

Our project du jour was an inspiration board made from Minted frames and fabric.

Read on for more scenes from our first-ever Makers Night and DIY instructions to create a pinboard of your own… 

All images by Morgan Blake Photography

Everyone was very excited to see our brand-new fabric in person—the designs are so bright and lush, and the fabric strikes the perfect balance of thickness and softness.

Of course, this project can be easily replicated at home—all you need is a picture frame (thrift stores and garage sales are great sources), a piece of cork board, some Minted fabric, and tape (we used 3M mounting tape).

I am a little obsessed Gingher shears — every lady needs a pair of “ribbon scissors” as I call them! No paper cutting allowed.

The stunning florals were by Meredith Mejerle of Amy Osaba. I didn’t even realize you could get peonies in November, much less ones this glorious.

We were so lucky to have Joni Lay from Lay Baby Lay lead the charge on our inspiration board creation.

All rentals, including the sewing table and machine, were from Blue Eyed Yonder and I thought they added so much ambiance to our event.

The little drawers were the perfect place to stash the upholstery tacks we used to gussy up our inspiration boards.

Another pretty vignette of the supplies required with a different fabric / frame combination.

And of course we needed some wine and sustenance for the evening, as well a a Minted bunting (Wanderlust Party Decor by J. Bartyn) to welcome everyone! This pretty tablecloth was a simple DIY project using six yards of Minted fabric edged with pinking shears (the pattern is Painted Dots by Stacey Meacham).

 Guests styled their finished inspiration boards with Minted holiday cards.

You’re not truly crafting unless you make a mess, right?!

One tool that was really useful for this project was a framing tool, which basically jams metal splints into the frame above the backing board to tightly secure everything together. The lovely Savannah from Maiedae (above) really goes for it, finishing up her frame on the floor. (And how amazing is it that the Minted fabric she chose matches her sweater?)

Minted designer Olivia Raufman has fun putting the finishing touches on her board.

And the evening’s host Joni with the stellar board that she designed for her daughter’s room.

Erin McManness (left), the winner of our recent fabric challenge, poses with her pinboard made with her winning fabric design.

The lovely Kelli Hall (she’s the genius behind our Goat Farm space!) shows off her pretty board pinned with a pretty ranunculus blossom.

We hope to see you all sometime soon at an upcoming #MakersNight near you! 

All images by Morgan Blake Photography

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  1. Melanie Severin

    This looks like it was so much fun, and beautifully styled – what a gorgeous space 🙂