DIY: Fabric-Wrapped Mini Pies (aka the perfect thank-you gift!)

mini pie favors
I’m whole-heartedly embracing pie season because it’s one of the only things that helps soften the blow of the return of cold weather. When I’m cranking out Thanksgiving desserts, I like to make a little extra pie crust and filling, which I turn into mini pies to give to friends and family as a sweet thank-you gift. Here’s a quick and stylish way to package them up once they’re ready to deliver.

Keep reading for the easy fabric-wrapping tutorial…

Miniature pies
• Cookie boxes (I used these)
• 12″ x 12″ swatch of fabric (Be sure to check out Minted’s new fabric designs sold by the yard!)

1. Slide your pie in to the box and seal it closed. Place the fabric face-down on a surface, then place the pie box in the center.
2. Take two opposite corners of fabric and fold them up into triangles.
3. Fold the same corners of fabric over the box to cover.
4. Knot the remaining two corners of fabric on top of the box.

party favor ideas
mini pie favors

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