DIY: Fall Leaves Garland

By Melissa Fenlon and Sara Albers of  Alice & Lois

Turn your fall leaves into a gorgeous gold garland

This autumn has been an epic one for fall colors in Crested Butte, Colorado (where Melissa lives!), and I wanted to find a way to hang on to the season all year long. I gathered some beautiful aspen leaves on a hike recently and decided to create a simple-yet-festive fall garland. You don’t need very many supplies at all to add a pretty autumnal touch to your home with this golden-leaf garland.

Keep reading for the DIY instructions.

Paint some leaves gold to create an autumn garland

• Gold acrylic paint and paintbrush
• Leaves
• Needle and thread
• Scissors

DIY Leaf Garland Tutorial on Julep


1. Paint both the front and back of your leaves; let the first coat dry on the front before you paint the back. Let the paint dry completely.

2. Using the needle, thread the tops of the leaves together; continue until you reach your desired garland length.

3. Leave a half inch or inch of space between each leaf.

4. Hang your garland!

Paint fall leaves to create this autumn garland

DIY leaf garland on Julep

Photos by Melissa Fenlon

  1. this is so pretty!