Recipe: Halloween Miniature Candy Apples

Halloween is pretty laid-back at the Hall house—we order take-out, dispense candy to hordes of kiddos, and watch scary movies. To keep things festive, though, I usually add one easy homemade treat, like these pint-sized candy apples. Don’t worry, I’m not handing them out instead of Snickers bars (doesn’t everyone have bad memories of the candy apple- and popcorn ball-dispensing neighbors?). No, these are strictly for the grown-ups, a sweet treat to prevent you from raiding your kid’s candy stash, plus just the right amount of Halloween nostalgia.

Get the recipe for these mini candy apples after the jump.

mini lady apples for halloween by kelli hall Lady apples look similar to crabapples, but are much sweeter.

What makes these petite treats so special? They’re made with lady apples, a diminutive variety that’s smaller than a ping-pong ball and looks similar to a crabapple, but with a sweetness that’s completely unlike its tart counterpart. Lady apples are firm, crisp, and mildly sweet, and their small size makes them the perfect two-bite treat! Find them at Whole Foods or in the produce section at your local market.

mini candy apples for halloween by kelli hall

• About 1 dozen lady apples (or more if you like)
• 2 baking sheets
• Wax paper
• About 1 dozen twigs or wooden skewers
• Non-stick cooking spray (I like this Crisco version)
• Candy apple kit (these are almost always near the produce in the grocery store)
• Other apple-coating options: choocolate bark (which works beautifully) or caramels (which works, but might drive you insane with it’s superglue-like stickiness)

Prep the apples by inserting twigs or skewers into each one. 

Prep your apples by inserting twigs or skewers into each apple near the top of the stem. Place the stick very slightly off-center, avoiding the apple core, and firmly press the stick about halfway into the apple. Arrange the skewered apples on a baking sheet and set aside. Line the second baking sheet with wax paper and spray with the non-stick cooking spray (be careful not to get cooking spray on the un-dipped apples). Prep your candy coating according to the package instructions. Once the mixture is fully cooked, dip an apple into the mixture, allow a little extra to drizzle off, and place it on the greased wax paper to harden. Continue until you’ve coated all of the apples.

lady apples for halloween Pint-size apples make the perfect sweet treat.

lady apples for halloween

• The best candy apples have a thin, crisp candy shell that shatters when you bite it. You can repeatedly dip the apple to deepen the color of the candy but remember that the thicker the coating, the more difficult it will be to eat the apple.
• If you’re using candy coating, make sure the mixture doesn’t become too hot and burn (this happens when you cook it for too long, so be sure to following the package instructions closely). If this is your first time working with a candy apple kit, I’d suggest purchasing two, so you have one as a backup.
• If you’re using chocolate bark, melt the chocolate in a double boiler (you can do this by boiling water in a saucepan and placing a metal bowl on top with the chocolate in it).
• If you’re using caramel, also use a double boiler to melt the candy.

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