Minted Real Wedding: Grace & Michael at Reif Estate Winery

For today’s Minted Real Wedding, we’re heading to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, where Grace and Mike hosted a farmers’ market-inspired wedding on the grounds of an elegant winery. Beneath the lush canopy of a towering tree, the couple exchanged vows and then celebrated with their 117 guests during their alfresco garden luncheon.

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Reif Estate wedding, Niagara, Ontario

Bride’s name: Grace Foo
Groom’s name: Michael Armstrong
Wedding date: July 21, 2013 
Grand Victorian mansion at Reif Estate Winery, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Number of guests: 117
Minted wedding invitation: “White Shadows” (letterpressed) by Jessica Williams for Minted
Photographer: Andrew Mark Photography 

Keep reading to see more details from Grace and Michael’s beautiful wedding.

How did you and Michael meet?
At a house party in Hong Kong.

Tell us about the proposal!
It happened the second weekend of December, which is such a busy time for us because of the holidays. I had just returned from a business trip and was stressed about all of the holiday presents and wrapping I had to finish up. Mike sat me down and said he wanted to plan our upcoming trip to the Philippines, and he started to play a video he’d made of all our previous holidays. “To be inspired,” he said. I had no idea what was coming next. At the end of the video, the last scene had the words “This is not the end of our journeys, but the beginning of another epic trip…” Then, he got down on his knee. I was still clueless! He asked, “Will you go on this journey with me?” And I said, still confused, “What trip?” Then he said the words, asking me to marry him, and I finally realized what was happening. It took quite a few more moments before I could respond, partly because I wanted to enjoy the moment and partly to make him wait for it (ha ha!). Then, I said yes.

How did you hear about Minted and how did you choose “White Shadows” as your wedding invitation?
Through our wedding planner Ashley Lindzon—she so creative! I wanted a design that was floral patterned and vintage-looking, and I’ve always wanted letterpressed wedding invitations. We also included a card with our invitation that listed the wedding-day schedule of events—that was from Minted, too.

What was your wedding’s color palette?
We had varying shades of pink pastels, plus green and white. We wanted it to feel elegant but still casual and summery.

What were some of your favorite wedding-day details?
The food was awesome and the flowers turned out better than I imagined. The Grand Victorian was the perfect venue for us.

What were some of your fondest memories from the day?
Having my family, Mike’s family, and everyone who matters to us there by our side. The perfect weather. It really was the best party we ever hosted, except I got to wear a white dress.

How did you come up with the idea of fresh-fruit favors? I love the beautiful farmers’ market table!
We wanted to go local, cut wastage, and reduce our wedding’s carbon footprint as much as we could. Sourcing almost everything from the neighbourhood was the best way to go. The orchard we purchased all the fruit from was located two houses down the street from the venue. Done and done!

Any advice for brides who are starting to plan their wedding?
Focus on the big picture and the small things will fall into place. Figure out your priorities, then find good and reliable vendors to help. Use the web but not too much—too many ideas will become distracting. And enjoy the party!

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