Currently Loving: Wall Murals

Wallpaper is back in fashion! And a wallpaper trend I’ve been seeing a lot of is the oversize mural, which pretty much takes over an entire wall. The look is different and dramatic, and definitely makes a bold statement. Lots of wallpaper companies are rolling out these larger prints and the look is trés chic, perhaps even a little Parisian. Here’s some I quite like.

The July issue of Inside Out magazine featured this pretty bedroom, with a beautiful mural acting as a stunning backdrop to the antique brass headboard.

This black-and-white floral mural from Bloom Papers is stunning in this bedroom setting. Bloom Papers carries a great selection of wall murals to choose from, so it’s a wonderful resource to check out.

I like the look of this photograph of a black-and-white countryside mural paired with the rough-hewn dining room table and chairs. This look would be great in a vacation home in wine country.

This is a lovely mural—the palm trees give this bedroom a very old school, Hollywood glamour vibe. This mural and many other interesting bespoke wallpapers can be found at Minakani Lab.

The Ace Hotel has recently opened its doors in London’s Shoreditch district and decorated their conference room with some large murals of outdoor scenes—a smart design solution for rooms without windows.

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