Oh, Ovals! Art Challenge: Special Prize Winners

In the Oh, Ovals! Art Print Challenge, we asked the Minted Community of artists to create a collection of cutting-edge artwork to display in our soon-to-come oval frames. We encouraged experimentation with new media and styles, and are incredibly happy with the results—this was a fun one for us and for our artists. Congratulations to the winners who stood out in our special prize categories below!

New Artist Award for the best art print by a new Minted artist: “Ice on a Lake” by Renée Anne Bouffard-McManus

We are so excited to have Renee in our artist community. We were very impressed with her series of strong submissions to this challenge. In particular, we are drawn to her beautiful piece “Ice on the Lake.” This monochrome watercolor study proves Renee’s watercolor expertise. The delicate balance of value in this monochrome piece is complemented by the subtle texture of the fluid watercolors. This piece is especially strong when paired with Renee’s other piece “Mist Rises Over the Water.” Welcome to the Minted team, Renee!

Curator’s Choice Award for the artwork that most captures the attention of the Minted curatorial team: “Robin Bird” by Tanya

This piece celebrates nature through its painterly study of a robin, regally perched on a wooden stand. Colors blend organically in the body of the bird while its legs and the etched lines in the wood are more finely detailed. The background is created through a watercolor-like treatment of the sky and clouds, segmented by off-centered panels.

Tanya resides in Miami, Florida, and says that she loves the inspiration she finds through the Minted Community. We love the inspiration we find in her work!

Graphic Illustration Award for the most unique graphic illustration created digitally or by hand: “Let’s eat – Fork ” by Susanne Kasielke

Any meal would be special with the addition of this piece by Susanne Kasielke. “Let’s Eat” is part of a cutlery series created through pencil work and watercolor. The simple and familiar shapes are beautifully decorated with scrolls and highlights.

Washington D.C.-based artist, Susanne Kasielke, joined our Community earlier this year.  Originally from Germany, she takes inspiration from vintage and antique objects.

Painting Award for the piece that uses paint in the most interesting way: “Here and There” by Sonal Nathwani

Bold color splashes simulate a floral bouquet, but are completely abstracted. The wonderful mixing of large colorful blots with flecks of gray creates a visual explosion replete with delicately-hued watercolor elements and bright red circular forms. Designed specifically for an oval format, we love how the traditional outline is juxtaposed by the modern and abstract imagery.

International artist Sonal Nathwani lives in Vienna, Austria, and excels in the use of bold color.

Photography Award for the best photographic art print that takes advantage of the oval shape: “Out There ” by Johanna Phillips Huuva

The oval shape offers a glimpse of a lake front with an overlay of solitude implied by the lack of people and the melancholy blue wash. A long pier extends out to the horizon creating perspective and spatial relationships between the pier, water, and sky. Beautifully detailed, the transparency of the water allows the pattern of the rocky beach to anchor the foreground.

Swedish photographer Johanna Phillips Huuva now resides in Lake Zurich, Illinois, and takes much of her inspiration from nature. She joined our Community over the summer and we look forward to more submissions from her!

Pattern Play Award for the print that displays the most interesting use of prints or patterns: “clustering shards ” by Naomi Ernest

Evocative of the 1960s art form Op Art, this piece is an optical illusion of sorts, visually pushing and pulling the various shapes into differing patterns. Detailed ink work creates the geometric forms that are abstracted and representational at the same time. Michigan artist Naomi Ernest cites gemstone shards as inspiration for “Clustering Shards.” The brittle and hard-edged elements blend together beautifully, and the use of monochrome focuses the eye on the shapes.

Naomi Ernest is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is equally skilled in the use of monochrome and multi-hued color.

New Media Award – Surprise us! We are looking for experimentation with new or different types of media: “bird’s nest” by Haley Moore

North Carolinian Hayley Moore is another artist new to the Minted Community, joining in August of this year. While technically not “new media” we do love how Ms. Moore blended different media to create this homage to the bounty of nature. Sharply drawn pen lines create the texture of straw for the bird’s nest and help to outline the eggs. Variegated watercolor in brown tones fills in the nest and robin’s egg blue creates the shape of the five eggs nestled within. This is a simple and lovely study of nature.

  1. Lib

    This watercolor is simply beautiful; it would enhance any area. Love it!