Kids’ Art Challenge: Special Prize Winners

At Minted, we think it’s never too early to surround children with beautiful art. So for our recent Never Too Early Kids’ Art Challenge, we asked the Minted Community to create original works of art—the cleverer the customization, the better! The art prints below really stood out and were winners in our Special Prize categories, and we couldn’t be happier about them! Congratulations to our Special Prize winners!

Customization Award (for the cleverest customization element): “Cityscape Stats” by Frooted Design

Veteran Minted artist Tanya of Frooted Design has captured the Customization Award with this incredible cityscape. Tall buildings mix with a water tower and billboard to create a dynamic scene. Set against a flat grey backdrop, the objects are created with thickly drawn lines resulting in a simple and elegant execution. Important birth details are called out on the various signage, “advertising” the important points of the big event.

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Littlest Art Lover Award (for the best work of art that celebrates the birth of a new baby, and could be given as a gift to new parents): “Vintage Radio” by Grace Kreinbrink

We think this is a terribly clever piece to commemorate the birth of a baby, or to celebrate an older child’s birthday. A mid century radio in a mint hue stands out against a cream background. The wonderfully rendered vintage dial creates the template for the date of birth highlighted with red markers.

Grace Kreinbrink just celebrated her first anniversary as a Minted community member and we are delighted with her win of the Littlest Art Lover Award.

Just for Boys Award (for the best work of art for a boy’s room): “Heavy Load” by Karidy Walker

A red vintage truck holds a heavy load of letters, the upper layer spelling out a child’s name. This simple graphic representation of a truck—an object of veneration for many young boys—creates a playful platform to embellish with your “car guy’s” name.

Karidy Walker hails from Washington and is an active member of the Minted Community.

Diptych Award (for the best pair or series of prints for a child’s room or nursery): “Moms Rule No 4” by Carrie ONeal (Paired with: “Moms Rule No 8,” “Moms Rule No 3,” & “Moms Rule No 5“)

“Moms Rule No 4” is laugh-out-loud funny, especially when paired with its companion pieces (eat your vegetables, don’t talk with your mouth full, etc.). The graphic elements give visual cues to the advice, artfully mixing a modern feel with vintage type below. This is number 4 out of Mom’s rules and notes that it’s from a never-ending series—we hope that’s true!

Curvilinear Award (for the best work of art that puts child’s name or other personalizable details on a curvilinear path): “Vintage Zebra Stripes” by PotatoMuffin

Vibrant stripes in bold colors create a dynamic play of shape and pattern in “Vintage Zebra Stripes.” The customizable text is distorted from its original font to mimic the shape of the zebra stripes which envelope it. We find this piece hypnotic and keep coming back to look at it, over and over again.

PotatoMuffin is a brand-new addition to the Minted Community, and we can’t wait to see what she creates next!

Educational Award (for the best art print that also teaches kids something in a fun way): “Love Like Mine” by Kimberly FitzSimons

The great Maya Angelou left us this year, but her words live on. Kimberley FitzSimons has appropriated one of Ms. Angelou’s well known quotes, “In all the world, there is no love for you like mine,” for this charming print. The text is overlaid on a pale pink heart and offers the ability to customize the text below with a child’s name and date of birth. This sentiment, held by parents all over the world, is the perfect celebration for a new baby.

Bright and Bold Award (for the best use of fun, bright colors): “Whisper Your Name” by Susie Allen

Candy-colored hues create the backdrop to this playful piece. The wash of the paint fades in and out, reminiscent of a pack of Life Savers sweets melting together. Bright and cheerful, the colorful tableau creates a perfect juxtaposition for the formal Business Penmanship font for the child’s name. Add a birthdate and you’ve created a delicious accent for a child’s room.

Georgian Susie Allen is a multiple-award winner who loves to use color and pattern.

Typography Award (for the best use of text): “Pieces 1” by Oh So Suite

Helvetica Neue Bold + Helvetica Neue Light combine together to create a beautifully patterned exercise in typography. A child’s name is prominently displayed and the text is patterned with modern stripes, blocks and colors. Below the name, details of the birth are noted along with the declarative “entirely perfect.” Microdots in a uniform pattern tie the two text blocks together.

Oh So Suite, a.k.a. Kate Capone, is based in New York where she revels in “creative crafting.”

Big Kids Award (for the best work of art that would appeal to older boys and/or girls, ages 7-12): “jardin de fleurs” by Jennifer Wick

Sophisticated yet sweet; just what any parent wishes for their tween/teen girl. A bird’s eye view of a multi-hued bouquet sets a lovely and modern backdrop for a bold name in Bebas Neue font set across the page. This piece will appeal to older girls and their parents alike.

The celebrated Jennifer Wick (she won the first prize in the Minted holiday challenge this year!) has been part of the Minted community since 2010.  She resides in Pennsylvania.

Newbie Award (for the best work of art by a first-time entrant): “Soft Tunes” by Ellie.dapper

This charming print, by brand new Minted artist Ellie Dapper, effortlessly mixes the old with the new. A Victrola plays gentle sounds to soothe the newborn while the wooden base proudly proclaims his or her birth stats. Equally well-suited to celebrate the birth of a girl or boy, the piece displays strong graphic lines and a beautifully patterned background of leaves, branches, and birds.

Ellie Dapper joined our community at the onset of this challenge and resides in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Welcome, Ellie!

Customer Favorite Award: Scientific Exploration” by kat bison

There is so much detail in this brainy future scientist series piece by Kat Bison. Bunsen burners, a test tube, and a rocket set the scene of a vintage science lab. Customizable text blocks such as name, age, and future field of study surround the scientific elements. The artist notes that this work was inspired by retro science fiction books – we love the modern update.

Kat lives in Oakland, California, and is an avid movie watcher.

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