DIY: Halloween Balloon Faces

Make some silly and simple balloon faces this Halloween! These funny faces are a festive and super-simple way to decorate your house for a Halloween party or gathering.

To make these you’ll need:

• Balloons filled with helium
• Paper
• Scissors
• Adhesive


1. Fill balloons with helium. If possible, add Hi Float helium balloon treatment to make it last longer.

2. Use the paper scraps to create fun, silly, and spooky faces for your balloon.

3. Glue the paper face elements onto balloon.

4. Finish your face and enjoy!

5. Make additional faces with different elements, like a miniature witch’s hat!

Your kiddos will love playing with these fun balloon faces! Little Miss M squealed in delight when she saw them and continued to play with her new balloon friends the rest of the afternoon.

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