DIY: Swan Halloween Costume

diy halloween costume

As a mom of young kids, I’m trying to get in all the cutesy costumes before they’re old enough to voice their opinions (there will be plenty of time for super heroes and princesses!). This year, I opted to make something fluffy and sweet for my daughter’s first Halloween, and this swan costume fits the bill perfectly, don’t you think? Get the instructions to make this super-simple homemade costume after the jump.

• White bodysuit
• White feather boa
White pilot cap
• Black and orange felt
• Hot glue gun

1. Lay the bodysuit on a flat surface and start applying hot glue, one section at a time, adhering the feather boa as you go along. Continue until bodysuit is fully covered in feathers.

2. Cut a beak shape from the orange felt and a wide V-shape from the black felt. Glue the shapes together.

3. Glue the felt shapes to the front of the cap with hot glue.

swan halloween costume
easy halloween costume

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  1. Belindq

    This is absolutely adorable!

  2. so cute!!

  3. Jessica

    This is the cutest thing!

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