Holiday Party Invitations Challenge: Special Prize Winners

Holiday season is just around the corner (or in the case of Halloween, practically here!) and Minted customers will soon be planning fun and festive parties. So we asked the Minted Community to design unique invitations that would make any holiday celebration the most anticipated one of the season. We were looking for all types of innovative holiday party invites, and the Community delivered! The winners below each stood out in one of our special prize categories. Congrats, winners!

Modern Elegance Award for the best design that is traditional and elegant, but still fresh: “Fête de Noël” by R studio

A bold but sophisticated linear faux foil pattern frames the party details in “Fête de Noël.” Reneé’s artistic, slightly edgy take on elegance is perfectly festive. The classic type provides a great counterpoint to the more modern border (not surprising coming from the designer behind a Minted Master Class Tutorial on typography!).

Runners Up: “Retro Stripes” by Jennifer Wick | “Confetti Curtain” by Hooray Creative | “Sparkling Soiree” by Pad and Paper

Down to Business Award for the best invitation for a corporate/business holiday party (think non-denominational – and something that will appeal to men too!): “Office Holiday Party Keyboard” by Sam Dubeau

Sam has really got a (caps) lock on fun and clever ways to get your colleagues in the holiday spirit! She shifts the traditional keyboard to enter a festive party title and shows off her command of great texture and type. What a fn option for a corporate shindig!

Runners Up: “Pine” by Carolyn MacLaren | “Jingle Mingle” by Olivia Raufman | “Watercolor Stripe Celebrate” by Kaydi Bishop | “Corporate Holiday Party” by Heather Marshall

Out of the Box Award for the most unique holiday party invitation that you wouldn’t find on other sites: “Halloween Soirée” by Bonjour Paper

Cécile strikes the perfect balance of festive and spooky in her “Halloween Soirée”. There’s so much to love about this invitation, from the fun mix of fonts to the fantastic illustrations. Cécile cleverly swapped out a more expected black background for a softer charcoal, giving the design a more inviting feel.

Runners Up: “Holiday Mask” by Phrosné Ras | “Striped Cat” by August and Oak | “Winter Soirée” by guess what? | “Auld Lang Syne” by Addiloue

Home for the Holidays Award for the best invitation that celebrates a new home: “Ho Ho Ho Holiday” by With Two Eyes Design

Minted newbie Kristin’s clever card stole our hearts! The bold typography incorporates the wordplay in a way that feels effortless and natural. We love the rustic, homey feel of the green, white, and kraft color palette. Great job, Kristin!

Make Me Laugh Award for the funniest party invitation: “Ain’t No Party” by The Detroit Card Co.

Once again, Cara and Genna make us smile with a card that reflects what so many of us are secretly thinking: once the ball drops and the champagne is popped, we may just want to head to bed. The playful font combination works perfectly with the twist in the message, and the bold white-on-black color scheme with plenty of negative space keeps this witty card chic.

Runners Up: “Boogeyman” by Rebecca Bowen | “Halloweenie” by Lori Wemple | “Fat Pants” by Erin L. Wilson

Auld Lang Syne Award for the best New Year’s party invitation: “Open That Champion” by Four Wet Feet Design

Shannon knows that all you need for a great New Year’s party is good friends and a good bottle of champagne! In sophisticated, unexpected black and blush pink, “Open That Champion” flawlessly fits the party details onto a champagne label. We just love the subtle bubbles in the bottle neck!

Runners Up: “Classic Cocktail” by Dana Beckwith | “Pink Champagne” by Faith Designs | “bubbly new years” by Aspacia Henspetter | “ringing in the year” by Frooted Design

Great Shape Award for the best use of one of Minted’s die-cut shapes: “A Slice of Thanks” by Keen Peachy

It’s almost as if we picked this shape knowing that one day, this card would be in it. In one of the all-time greatest uses of a Minted shape, Amanda has reminded us of something we can all give thanks for at the holidays, pie (and of course, good company)! The pie tin texture and shading on the crust are spot-on.

Runners Up: “Geo wreath” by Ling | “Join us for Ridiculous Cheer” by Kaydi Bishop | “Candy Corn” by Erin Deegan

Traditional Colors Award for the best design that uses traditional holiday colors like red: “Best Holiday Party Ever” by Chris Griffith

We’re swooning over Chris’s vintage-inspired design! The big, bold floral illustrations are so festive in gorgeous tones of red, green, and yellow (and we love the delicate crosshatch shading!). The fun copy, scroll-like swirls, and subtle background texture are the perfect finishing touches.

Runners Up: “Floral Dance” by Phrosne Ras | “Wreath” by August and Oak | “Holiday Wreath” by alethea and ruth | “Christmas Sweater” by Grace Kreinbrink

Give Thanks Award for the best Thanksgiving party invitation: “friendsgiving” by Aspacia Henspetter

We just adore this Friendsgiving invite! The playful text sets the stage for a wonderful holiday spent with your friends. Good food, good company – Pasty knows the perfect recipe for a day you’ll be very thankful for!

Runners Up: “Fall Foliage” by Hooray Creative | “Festive Autumn Foliage” by Karidy Walker | “Thankful on Kraft” by Erin Deegan

Spooktacular Award for the best Halloween party invitation: “Holiday Boos” by That Girl Press

Now this is a Halloween party we’d love to attend! Anita gets every detail right in this perfectly punny invitation. We love the spider dropping down from the ceiling and the skeleton serving up bottles of poison!

Runners Up: “Friends and Candy” by 24th and Dune | “Scary” by GeekInk Design | “Batty” by Jessie Steury

Newbie Award for the best design from a first-time entrant: “Spooky Crow” by Michelle Blum

So spooky! This eerie entry by newcomer Michelle has just the right amount of creep to know guests attending this party will be in for a scary-fun night. From the classic palette to the perfectly fitted type to the spider in the crow’s mouth, this invitation does Halloween right!

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