Meet a Mintie: SimpleTe Design

Name: Erin Lish
Location: Burlingame, California
Years with Minted: Five
Expertise: Classic whimsy
Occupation: Graphic designer and Illustrator, Mintie, Mother to two.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a designer?
Well creativity has always been a big part of who I am and how I live my life. At a young age I was really into arts and crafts and as I grew older I developed weird fascination with architectural magazines. When it came time for me to move away for college I decided that I was going to be an Architect. Following graduation I worked at a firm for about a year and despite meeting some awesome people… I was kind of ready for something else. After making the decision to NOT follow the path I had worked 5 years to get a degree in, I didn’t really know what I was going to do. I became a stay at home mom and like most minties, I stumbled upon where I pretty much fell in love with designing stationery! Overtime I cobbled together different skills, went back to school and grew into the UX/Graphic designer I am today.

Where do you go for design inspiration?
Like most I use Pinterest as a primary source of inspiration, there is just so much to look at! I also have my favorite blogs like Design Sponge, Pugly Pixel, and Oh, Hello Friend. As a mom the only books that I have time to read these days end up being children’s book, so I also find inspiration there.

Where do you like to shop? What are your favorite stores?
My two favorite places to shop would have to be West Elm and the second one isn’t really a store but it’s Craig’s List. I love furniture, especially old furniture that I can fix-up and make my own. A couple of years ago I bought this mid-century chair off of Craig’s List for $50 and recovered the cushions, I love that chair.

Since you are an avid DIYer, what is a cool project you worked on recently?
I am really into making things right now being that my husband and I just had our second child in August. One of my most recent protects was making this little felt pillow to sit in his crib.  I decorated his nursery and his birth announcement with a fox theme. The nursery is far from done… but at least I have this fox pillow to design around!

Another project that I did recently was to jazz up my work space, I had seen this great DIY project on Pinterest where you cut out a design on a canvas to make a piece of art… I used mine as more of a pin board for things that inspire me.

What is a typical day like for you?
Pre-maternity leave, a typical day for me would be: getting my daughter ready for school in the morning, dropping her off, then off to sit in some traffic followed by work! By late afternoon I back in mommy mode picking my daughter up and getting home to get some sort of meal ready along with doing all the little odds and end required to keep a clean house and preparing for the next day. After that it’s time to tuck my daughter and husband into bed. I usually end my night with some designing, either stationery or website projects. After a good 2-4 hours of designing it’s time for me to go to bed before I repeat it again the next day! While on maternity leave, I’m taking care of my two children and entering Minted challenges when I can!

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  1. Jill Means

    Great article Erin. I love getting to peek into the lives of other Minties.

  2. Cecile

    Nice to know you better Erin ! Love this article!

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  4. Renee

    I enjoyed learning more about you Erin. BTW-LOVE your desk!

  5. Very nice write up very inspiring