Design to Dish: Pink & Blue Oreo Pops

Written by Melissa of Lulu the Baker

boy or girl gender reveal baby shower party ideas recipes

Gender-reveal baby parties are all the rage these days! If you haven’t thrown one for a pregnant friend or had one thrown for you, then chances are you’ve probably attended one recently. Between the cute pink-and-blue decorations and the big-reveal moment, these parties—where you share whether you’re having a boy or girl with your friends and family—are tons of fun! Minted has lots of cute gender-reveal baby shower invitations, and I rounded up some really darling pink-and-blue party ideas to go with them. Balloons, confetti, cakes, flowers, and of course, treats galore—all in shades of pink and blue!

I started making Oreo pops a few years ago and couldn’t believe how easy and delicious they were! I made them to give away free with purchases at a pop-up shop I was participating in, and customers started coming by specifically to buy Oreo pops—they wound up becoming my most popular item! They’re just Oreos on a stick that’s dipped in candy melts, but somehow those humble ingredients come together to make a really adorable, gourmet treat. The combination of pink and blue Oreo pops looks especially cute together, and would go perfectly on a dessert table or as party favors at a pink-and-blue baby shower! Keep reading for the recipe…

1. Ballon Reveal invitations from Minted
2. Ballon/confetti drop from Russell Martin Photography
3. Pink-and-blue ric-rac cake from Denim & Grace
4. Pink-and-blue dessert table from Pottery Barn Kids
5. Pink-and-blue Oreo pops, recipe below
6. Pink-and-blue drinks from Pottery Barn Kids
7. Gender reveal surprise inside cake from Betty Crocker
8. Pink-and-blue cotton candy from CB & J
9. Pink flowers in blue antique mason jars via A Beach Cottage

gender reveal baby shower party ideas oreo pops

Pink & Blue Oreo Pops

1 package double-stuffed Oreos
1 bag Wilton’s candy melts in blue
1 bag Wilton’s candy melts in bright pink (There’s also regular pink, but I thought it looked a little washed out next to the very vivid blue.)
About 30 6-inch lollipop sticks
White sprinkles

Lay all of the Oreos out on 2 cookie sheets lined with waxed paper, freezer paper, or parchment. Carefully twist them open and set aside the lids. If either side crumbles, that cookie is a lost cause and can go in the eating pile. If either side breaks into 2 or 3 large pieces, don’t give up hope–they can be rescued. Use a chopstick to carve a little channel in the cream filling. Start at the outside edge, and scoop towards the center. Eat the cream you scraped out or throw it away–your choice! Place all of the blue candy melts in a tall bowl, and melt according to package directions. Dip the end of a lollipop stick in blue candy and place it in the spot you carved for it in the middle of an Oreo. Spoon a small amount of candy onto a cookie lid, and put it back on the Oreo, sandwiching the lollipop stick inside. This is where you can save those cleanly broken cookies you kept. Just glue them back together with candy melts! Do half of the Oreos with blue, then melt the pink candy and do the other half of the Oreos. Allow all of the Oreos to dry completely before proceeding. You can get up to 30 Oreo pops from one package of cookies, depending on how many break.

When the Oreos are set up, dip the blues in blue candy melts, gently shake off excess candy, and lay flat on the cookie sheet. Shake on white sprinkles and allow to set up. Repeat with the other half of the Oreos and the pink candy melts. If you need to reheat the candy melts at any time, you can microwave them for 30 seconds at a time. When I made my blue Oreo pops this time, the candy wouldn’t reheat smoothly, but they still turned out fine. Allow to set up completely before packaging or serving.

*I wrote up a big tutorial for making Oreo pops a few years ago on my blog. It has detailed steps and photos, so if at any point in these instructions you find yourself confused, click HERE.*

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