DIY: “Fruit Loop” Halloween Glasses

By Ashley of  Sugar & Cloth

These DIY “fruit loop” glasses are a super easy and inexpensive Halloween craft that the kids can help make, too! Plus, you’ll definitely win Mom of the Year if you whip up a quick fruit loop shirt to wear along with it…

• Scissors
• Plastic costume glasses
• Cardstock for leaves and fruit stems
• Craft paint and brushes
• Hot glue gun
• Spray paint (optional)


1. Spray paint the glasses in the colors of your choice. Be sure to either wait until the paint is fully set, or sand the plastic surface a bit to make sure the paint adheres well and doesn’t peel off.

2. Paint each of the round eyeglass frames in the fruit color of your choice with craft paint and brushes (think: oranges, apples, cherries, grapes!).

3. Cut out leaf and stem shapes for your fruits from the cardstock.

4. Hot glue the leaves and stems in place on the backside of each round frame so they look seamless.

For a super cute and quick Halloween costume, dress your kids in a solid-color outfit to match the fruits!

Photos: Jared Smith

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  3. jewel7013

    Who doesnt love fruit loops, huh?

    hilariously original, i am lovin this!