Currently Loving: Indoor Foliage

By Amy Ehmann of  Design Lotus

Now that it’s autumn, I’m brainstorming ways to bring the outdoors in by adding indoor plants and trees to different rooms in my house. I love how they add a dose of nature that can be enjoyed all year round.

The schefflera tree (depicted above) is also known as an umbrella tree; I love the lush, tropical feel of the foliage and the sculptural qualities of the stems (they can be braided together to form a piece of living art!). Photograph via Javado Plant.

See more of my favorite indoor foliage ideas after the jump…

Tillandsias, more commonly know as air plants, are so peculiar to me. They can gather water and nutrients from the air without any need for soil! Totally my kind of low-maintenance plant.

Their tentacle-like leaves give them a strange sci-fi quality, but the plant’s self-sustaining qualities means the indoor decorating options are truly endless. I discovered the San Francisco shop Flora Grubb Gardens via Design*Sponge, and they’ve designed something called a Thigmotrope—a three-pronged device that lets you attach an air plant to any type of surface, making it appear to float in space (shop owner Flora Grubb and their tillandsia Thigmotropes are featured above).

I’m also totally enamored with indoor succulents and cacti, and I particularly love them in their most petite sizes. Here, they’re cleverly displayed in faux copper planters—the little pots are actually a simple DIY project found on Curbly.

Lastly, another way to creatively show off your succulents indoors is by using Domenic Fiorello’s wood plant pods, which let you display a variety of cacti as living art. The sleek lines would be perfect in a modern-minimalist setting.

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