DIY: Three Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Snail-Mail Envelopes

Snail mail is always fun to receive (especially if it’s something from Minted, right?). Lately, I’ve been trying to jazz up my envelopes to make them a little more exciting—that way, they stand out from the junk mail and the recipient knows right away that it’s something good. Here are three easy ways to step up your envelope game using everyday office supplies.

Metallic alphabet stickers (these also come in silver, white, and black in various sizes)
Label maker
Washi tape
Dot stickers
• Envelopes

The only instructions I have is to simply peel and stick! Have fun playing around with each material to see what different looks you can come up with.

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  1. Love that gold letters one! Beautiful envelopes always get me excited for something good. You’ve inspired me to get a little creative with the mail I’m sending out this week 🙂

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  3. Nicole

    I love these! My friend and I no longer work at the same school, so we send each other snail mail. She’s way more creative than me at decorating the envelopes, so I’m excited to try these out and send them to her!