DIY: Witch’s Hat Halloween Party Favor

Written by Melissa Fenlon & Sara Albers

By Melissa & Sara of  Alice & Lois

Sure, it’s still September, but we’re starting to get in the Halloween spirit! Our kids are obsessed with Halloween (how could they not be, right?)—candy, costumes, more candy, and spooky decorations. We host a pumpkin-carving party each October with family friends and this year, our kids will be making these super-simple witch’s hat party favors (that are filled with treats!). Keep reading for the DIY instructions…

• Black cardstock
• Scissors
• Tape
• Candy
• Silver gel pen
• Glue (We used E6000 craft adhesive)


1. Cut the pieces needed to construct the witch’s hat: 10-inch half-circle, 6-inch circle, and 6.5-inch x 1-inch strip.

2. Take the half-circle and wrap the straight edge (bottom of half-circle) towards each other.

3. This will form the cone shape for the top of the hat. Glue ends to secure; we used clothespins to hold everything in place as the glue dried.

4. Draw a pattern around bottom edge of the hat with a silver pen. I drew a different pattern on each hat. Be creative!

5. Fill the cone with candy. Tape the strip of paper inside the cone to help keep the candy inside.

6. The kids will love pulling the hats apart to get to the treats!

Photos by Sara Albers

  1. What a fun idea! They turned out so classy for how easy of a craft they are… Now I just need to have a festive dinner party 😉