DIY: Make a Monster Candy Box!

Our Julep contributor Merrilee Liddiard creates the most whimsical and clever kids DIYs (just like the one right here!), and she just came out with a new craft book! Congratulations, Merrilee!

This Halloween, recycle a simple sandwich-bag carton into a silly, spooky monster! But watch out—he might just eat up all your candy!

To make this monster candy box you’ll need:

Monster features template (or just create your own features custom to your box)
• Sandwich bag carton or something similar that opens and closes (to be the monster’s mouth)
• Paint and brush (for painting the box)
• Colorful paper scraps (for the monster’s features)
• Glue or adhesive
• String (if you want to make a carrying strap)


1. Print your monster features template and cut out all of the shapes. (If your box is shaped differently, adjust the features or create your own based on the size and shape of the box.) For the eyes, I used a circle-shaped hole punch.

2. Glue the small dots onto the larger eye circles.

3. Paint your sandwich-bag carton (we painted ours black). Have fun and add a few designs, like polka dots. Let dry.

4. Using the glue or adhesive, affix the monster features onto the carton.

5. To make the carrying strap, poke two holes on top of the carton and then thread a piece of string; knot the ends to hold the string in place.

Stash your Halloween candy or other goodies in your new monster box friend!

This project is perfect for all ages but makes a great trick-or-treat carrier for your very little ones who might only be doing a minimal amount of candy gathering on Hallow’s Eve!

Find more of Merrilee on her blog.